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Shan in Calgary
Shan in Calgary
1 review Calgary, AB

Start up of system

I would like to say in general the service was ok, until I got the bill. This is the first year I used Next Rain and when they came to do the start up they found numerous problems, much to my surprise the system was running just fine last year. they proceeded to change out values, without my consultantion, and at the end of the service I was charged over $500 with an explanation that there was low pressure and the values needed to be changed. After consulting with another company found out that the pipes that went to the value where smaller and this would cause the low pressure. I am not impressed and talked to the company about the bill. They did give me a 100 off, but as you can imagine on a low budget, getting a bill that you thought would be $150 to be well over $500.
After all that they didn't finish the set up of the machine that runs the program. I wasn't sure if my front yard was set up properly and asked them to come back to check. They charged by $100, for travel time and since there was no problem stated this was not their fault and these fees are industry standard.
Not impressed will use another company

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Company Response

Hi Shannon,

Thank you for the 2 star review. Each summer we have 1 or 2 customers which we simply can't keep happy. We tried, we provided you with a partial refund. We are confident your sprinkler system is in working order and will be working for you for a number of years. Please remember to winterize your sprinkler system early so not to cause yourself extra costs from possible damages. Your sprinkler system was winterized by us on October 16, 2017 last year after freezing temperatures (Oct 6-9th).

We wish you the best with your new sprinkler company.