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Bathroom renovation

The bathroom consultant at Home Depot took my order for a bathroom renovtion and arranged for Valleywood Renovations, a contractor for Home Depot to do the work. They delayed the start date 3 times and finally got started on March 26, 2008. They sent over 2 young guys who turned out to be pretty immature. The installation has had to be redone three times due to ill fitting parts ie. a bathtub that was too long. The tiles around the tub were not lined up properly and looked sloppy.

The two installers did not appear to know what they were doing. One of them confessed that he had a drinking problem. They made a mess of my apartment and the common area in my building getting me into trouble repeatedly with building management. They wouldn't show up for days on end. They've had the flu, broken fingers, cuts, an eye injury where tile got stuck in the installer's eye and a back sprain. I had to call in a Home Depot field manager. She seemed sympathetic to my concerns but did not seem able to do much to get the installers back on track.

By April 24, 2008 the installers had disappeared. The bathroom was in shambles with nothing complete. Debris all over the floor of the bathroom, my foyer and balcony. The bathroom tiles have not been installed. The bathtub is propped up on two pieces of drywall that the installers appeared to have torn off of a sheet of drywall. Home Depot won't return my calls. I've been essentially left high and dry. I suppose I will have to hire another contractor to take over. I went to the Home Depot store originally because I thought I could rely on them to do a job that is backed by a huge company with a reputation to maintain. I couldn't have been more wrong.

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