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peter in Whitby
peter in Whitby
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Twg Landscaping & Property Maintenance Inc.
59011-728 Anderson Street North
L1N 3V6

You installed a natural stone stairs for me I called you Tod several times ever stone on the step is cracked you seem like nice people doing the job i need a lot of grading done and would still like you to handle it please call Peter or Pauline 289 274 4414

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Company Response

You can imagine our shock to read this after just speaking with you hours ago to book an appointment for grading with you. At that time you led me to believe that you spoke to Todd before on a site (not that we worked for you) in fact you neglected to mention your previous job this morning at all. You state that you called Todd several times, but your name was not known to me, or Todd as it should be of one who called several times. In fact, we have not heard one word from you since 2012 when you did contract us to install Natural Armor Stone steps.

As you can verify if you look back on our contract from 2012 it states that "Natural products such as Armour stones, Slates, Flagstones, etc., have flaws and/or imperfections, and will fade with time. This is a consideration of both ordering and warranty and is deemed acceptable by the client when signing this agreement. Flaws are not warranty issues and may cause product failure. Perfection is NOT a characteristic of Natural stone, so it is recommended if perfection is desired, man made products are better controlled for this."

It is disturbing that this is a platform for people to utilize (truth or not) in strong-arming a company, as it is harmful to post the review that you have and we trust you will concede and remove it since it is defamatory in its own way. The fact remains that we have done nothing wrong, and were nothing but professional in our dealings with and for you at the time. Your job would have been out of warranty (were this even a warranty issue) over four years ago. While we have been known to just go and fix things for folks because we pride ourselves in the service end as well, you can be sure they did not approach us by rating us a zero followed with talk of a lot of work to come, then calling Tammy a Liar multiple times (anyone who knows her will agree is impossible, She will not lie, period). Approach is absolutely everything when you are trying to get something done by one who is not obligated to do so. This is baffling to say the least.