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Daniel in Collingwood
Daniel in Collingwood

Wallpaper removal and painting

I will NOT recommend Decco Painting. Beware - unprofessional painter!!
I contracted with Patrick from Decco Painting to remove wallpapers and paint a 3BR house in Collingwood. He quoted me $3200 plus tax and estimated it is a 2 weeks job. I paid him $800 deposit for materials, which he did not bring to the site until I pressured him to do so. Then he brought only 2-3 gallons of primer and paint. I gave Patrick a key on 07/09/2011, but for the first 2 weeks he did not do anything, providing an excuse his mother was ill. I told him I understand, but that I expect him to catch up the time, as we have other trades scheduled after him. Two weeks later he came with another worker, and never stayed on the kjob site more than 6 hours. One day he came alone saying the worker is ill. I kept asking about adding more people and he said all the other crews are busy with exterior work. On rainy days, I asked again, BUT he came up with another excuse. When the actually began to work, it was evident they have very little experience and after 1-2 days I felt uncomfortable and wasn't convinced they can finish the work. The had lots of excuses about the wallpapers and they totally damaged the walls while attempting to remove the wallpapers. It was so bad that I had to hire a drywaller to skim coat all the damaged walls. One afternoon I was on site and went out for lunch. When I came back Patrick and his worker were not there. They took off. I then emailed him that I terminate the contract and fire him. I removed the other wall papers myself with a steamer and was just fine. This tells me they had no clue what to do. I hired a drywaller to fixed the other walls, and then a professional painter that finished the paint job in 3 days.
Bottom line, Patrick is not a professional painter. He may be a nice guy, but he has very little experience, and therefore I would not hire him for any job. HE did more damage than good work. You can email me if you would like more details. Daniel

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Company Response

Hi Daniel,

I would like to point out that your next painter encountered the same problem with the wallpaper as the paper was well over 25 years old. As I discussed with you many times over that the walls will be damaged and that the walls would require major drywall repair to which we did not quote for. When I showed you the damage to the one wall and told you that the rest of the home would be the same I also told you that the time frame to finish the house would no longer be 2 weeks due to the damage under the wallpaper. You, tried to tell me how to do my job which would have caused more problems. I showed you what the new price would be which was written in the contract and you did not wish to pay for it. We kept working until you sent the email telling us not to return. At which time you hired a new painter who took just as long as we would have you also paid this painter twice the amount to which I asked for because of the damage to the walls. This problem would have been solved if you would have listened to me in the first place and the cost would have been cheaper with me.