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740 Weller Court Oakville ON L6K 3S9
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Vicki in Oakville
Vicki in Oakville
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Burl Oak Paving
740 Weller Court
L6K 3S9

Townhome neighbour and I had our driveways repaved by these clowns. My side of the driveway didn't have enough "slope" so they decided to build the driveway up by building a hump of ashphalt at the garage door. So, picture the trough that they created for a good 2-inch puddle of water to collect to either run into my garage OR once cold enough, to freeze a large chunk of ice to keep my garage door locked in ice for a 5 month period...the ONLY reason I'm giving these guys a 1 is because they agreed finally to repave my garage floor in order to raise it up to give the whole thing enough "slope". How this wasn't identified at the get-go, I'll never know. Because the garage floor was done post-driveway, I was assured that they would fix the ashphalt to not look like a patch job (since it was only 2 weeks old). It was a disaster - crumbling and looking all very much like a 2-bit patch job. Chris, of course, was there with his hand out for his $$. Stay away from this outfit.

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