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Robert Lamond from Hamilton
Robert Lamond from Hamilton
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alluminum wire refit

Last February I was thinking of changing my home insurance provider , so when I phoned another company for a quote , the first thing they asked was ,do I have aluminum wiring . I had to answer yes to this , as I have about 80% in my home .The guy on the phone with me asked if my present insurer knew about this , and I said that I was sure I would Have told them or they would have asked me fifteen years ago .

I checked my policy and I couldn't see any mention of aluminum wiring , so I phoned them to ask . Whatever happened fifteen years ago , they had no record of my home having aluminum wiring . They wanted me to get in touch with an electrical company of my choice and have them have a look at my wiring . Because there is aluminum wiring doesn't mean that the wiring must be changed . A refit can be don , where a small piece of copper wire is joined onto the aluminum wire with special connectors and this is acceptable to the insurance company .

I chose to call Mr Electric , and their rep came the next day and had a look at what I had .He advised that we get the re fit and he made a date for two days from the visit . He quoted $25.00 per plug/socket or light fixture . which was $15.00 less than another company I called .

Two days later two young men showed up at 8.00am on the dot and worked steadily until they were finished at about 3.30 pm ( half hour lunch ) . They supplied all the proper connectors and all new sockets and light switches and cover plates . They did an excellent job with no fuss and no mess .The next day I was E mailed a letter for my insurance company and the next day an inspector showed up to inspect the work that was done . He was pleased with the work and so was I . I have no hesitation in recommending this company .

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