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Sarah from Kingston
Sarah from Kingston
1 review Kingston, ON

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Initially, I contacted the representative (Lorrie McFarlane) regarding my move from. She declined to complete an in-house assessment and provided me with an estimate based on my description of my apartment's contents.

For a few weeks, I was unable to confirm the date and time of pick-up, despite contacting Lorrie a number of times. I was quite anxious to have date and time confirmed as I had a number of commitments in the time surrounding my move. Finally, I was contacted by a different representative in the week prior to my move, who asked whether I would be willing to change the date of my move to a date prior to the one I had originally selected. This was apparently as a favour because a driver would be in town and it would be easier for him to load me for the move on the prior day. I said I would be willing to do that depending on timing. The representative told me he would call me later that day or the following day to confirm which date my move would take place on. He did not contact me. A couple of days later, I heard from the driver and we arranged my move for the Friday morning, rather than the Saturday I had requested.

On the day of the move, the movers were prompt, pleasant, and efficient, and I have no complaint about how that aspect of my move went. On leaving, the driver said to me that 'there would be no surprises or extra charges' when I asked him about how my move compared to what was expected on the estimate. He said that there was no way my move was above the estimated amount, and was actually well below, and that I should not anticipate any further charges, which definitely put my mind at ease. He said I would receive communication later in the day regarding completing my payment and scheduling my delivery. He said my delivery could be as early as the upcoming Monday.

A few hours later, I received an email from Lorrie stating that my move was above the estimated weight, and I would now be charged just over $1100 (plus my $100 deposit) instead of the $965 (including my deposit) that I had been estimated at. I asked her to please check the weight for me, and relayed what I had heard from the driver. Again, this was on Friday. She told me she would get back to me on Monday.

I had not heard from Lorrie until Tuesday, at which point I emailed her and she said she was tracking down information. Later on Tuesday, she stated that I was well above estimated weight and would have to pay the additional sum. I emailed her regarding payment but did not hear back. She emailed me again later suggesting that my delivery would take place on June 2, which was the last possible day per my estimate with the PREVIOUS moving date, before I had moved it one day earlier at the request of the company and driver. Finally, I called her and left voice mail asking her how I was to pay as we had not arranged that, but also whether it was possible to receive my belongings earlier. She called me the following day and took payment. She scheduled my delivery for the day after that.

The truck arrived prior to the scheduled delivery time, which would have been fine, except that it now overlapped with the delivery of my piano. When my belongings arrived, the driver attempted to take payment again, insisting that I had not paid. I am not sure what transpired in the interim, but he left and when he returned, he asked me to sign a slip but did not request payment again. The movers themselves were pleasant and efficient.

When I began to unwrap my belongings, I first found that they were full of moths and moth larvae, which resulted in discarding several of my belongings. I had shipped a single piece of furniture - a glass tabletop - which had been packed by the movers initially. When it had left my house, it was in perfect shape. When I unwrapped it a couple of days after the delivery, it was covered in scratches, making it essentially useless to have shipped it. I have been in touch with Lorrie since unwrapping the tabletop, and she has forwarded forms for me so that I can make a claim.

On the whole, I am extremely disappointed in this move. The customer service was awful, with Lorrie repeatedly failing to answer emails promptly, or even on the timeline she herself had established. Lorrie was unhelpful and seemed disinterested in my move, perhaps because it was not an expensive move. I was given an estimate without an in-house assessment, and then the driver assured me strenuously that I was well below weight, only to find out after the fact that I was apparently well above weight (and I do have a hard time believing this, as I didn't move any furniture except the aforementioned table top). I changed my move date as a favour to the company and driver and still received shoddy treatment. On arrival, my belongings were damaged and full of bugs. The individual movers and drivers involved in this move were wonderful and quite polite, but that scarcely makes up for the worst customer service I have encountered in a long time, combined with overpaying for the delivery of damaged goods.

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