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Appleby Moving & Storage Ltd
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Jeff talks a good talk. I would have gladly paid double to deal with a more professional, trustworthy company. But who knew until it was too late!!

I hired Appleby Moving & Storage to do a move and store a 4 bedroom house worth of furniture. 80% of the wood furniture was damaged. He offered to send someone to come to my house to repair, although the man was nice enough, items were not repaired well. Some items were completely broken and even my car got scratched! yes, you read that correctly. After weeks of arguing and very uncomfortable conversations and not getting a reply, I had to really pressure Jeff by calling and emailing a lot. But, once I got my lawyer involved, Jeff agreed to a cash settlement. I probably should have gone to court and had some furniture replaced instead of the terrible repair work.

Although the cash amount was not quite high enough, I decided to take it only to be rid of Jeff yelling at me "oh, that's an easy repair" "Oh that's nothing, I can fix that and you'd never know "Oh that isn't even that bad of a damage " Good thing I took photos and video of all the incidents at the time of my move. Although he tried to argue they didn't damage things and scratch my car, once I produced the videos and photos, his tune changed. He got very angry and was completely unprofessional. I understand the car was not scratched on purpose, I was only looking for compensation for all the damage they caused. I did have their insurance which I purchased, but it did me no good in the end.

Live and learn. I should have researched on Homestars first. I was trying to save a buck and they seemed very reasonable in price. Boy, was I fooled!


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Company Response

Hello Judy,

Your claim was submitted to us with pictures on February 8th. We responded on Feb. 15 to set up a time to go out to look at your items on February 16. I emailed my furniture refinisher on February 17 so he could set up an appointment with you. He went out to see you the following week as I received his invoice on February 24. I responded to your emails on Feb 28, March 3, March 6th and finally a resolution email regarding the $550.00 I sent you to cover the broken IKEA floor lamp, which we do not cover floor lamps but I did for you in good faith. Also it was to cover your IKEA filing cabinet, which also states on the BOL that we don't cover IKEA furniture items unless they are dismantled-also in good faith. Unfortunately the cheap nature of IKEA furniture does not stand up well to moving-even within a house, let alone moving, which is why we cannot cover it in a move. The balance was for the small scratch in your car mirror, which your dealer buffed out for free and the wood items which you were not happy with the repair. I'm honestly not sure what else I could have done in terms of contacting you more. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DID I SPEAK TO A LAWYER OR HEAR FROM ONE, EITHER ON THE PHONE OR IN WRITING. I ALSO DID NOT ONCE TELL YOU WE DENIED RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CLAIM. I'm sorry the insurance doesn't cover pain and suffering as you suggested it should. At no time did I yell at you, but had to raised my voice as you were talking over me, and I couldn't respond to anything you were saying. Your items were either repaired or cash settled. As Appleby strives to make our customers happy, we in good faith reimburse items which we could normally decline. It is unfortunate you were still unhappy despite being compensated. Hopefully this will let our customers know, sometimes accidents happen, but it is how we compensate our clients that count. 30 days from claim start to finish is exemplary.