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Patricia in North York
Patricia in North York
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Livingroom and diningroom drapes

I used National Drapery in 1976. An interior decorator suggested I go with an ivory/beige boucle, which I did. The whole process was seamless and the drapes were delivered and they were perfect. The drapes were beautiful and they have lasted 45 years. I just had to wash them periodically and hang them wet - they didn't need anything else. They were perfect. So many people commented on how great they looked. Since the dining room drapes were getting a little thin due to the sunlilght, I decided I would go to National Drapery and order some more boucle drapes. I was also going to order some white sheers for the bedroom and wanted the lining replaced in the bedroom curtains. I was quite surprised at how quickly the measuring was done. The representative from National Drapery presented a few samples of fabric, none of which was suitable. Since I needed drapes, I chose a fabric that is not what I was expecting - It's quite thin, not like the original drapes: the representative from National Drapery saw the oriignal drapes so knew exactly what I was looking for in a drape. It seemed to take forever to get them delivered - a new rack had to be installed. The living room curtains are too long, and there is too much curtain and the curtains bunch up, The newly lined bedroom drapes were great - all that was required was a lining - the drapes were intact and just needed a new lining. The sheers were not properly measured - two panels of sheers were installed - each panel was maybe 10" in width - there is no way these sheers are satisifactory. I spoke to the representative to express my dissatisfacation. The person had to come out again and properly measure the window for the sheers. The representative I spoke to made a point of saying that it would be an additional cost of $118.00 but I wouldn't have to pay that amount since the error was made by National Drapery. I was told that someone would come out to look at the drapes but no one came. I mentioned the drapes were sitting on the floor indicating they were poorly measured. Someone came out to adjust the drapes by moving the hook a bit so the drapes were not sitting on the floor. I said to her that washing and hanging these drapes will be a nightmare since I will have to juggle to make the drapes hang properly so they are not sitting on the floor. I received a call from someone who said she would talk to the person who did the measuring and get back to me. It is evident, to me, that no effort was made to look for the fabric that I requested. In fact, I had occasion to meet with someone at another drapery firm today, and she brought several books with samples. Every sample she showed me in the ivory/cream colour was perfect. The company who has the 'swatches' only deals with drapery companies, not individuals. I phoned them today and asked if they have ever worked with National Drapery and they said probably, but they didn't know for sure. The drapes that are in my livingroom/diningroom probably won't last very long - they are shiny when the lamps are on, which makes them look cheap: I feel like I am in a house of ill repute. I can't emphasize enough my utter disappointment in National Drapery. When I bought the drapes in 1976, the process was seamless, as previously mentioned. I have often sounded praises for National Draperty, but I'll be sure to not give any praise to National Drapery from this point forth -for their products and customer service, which, quite frankly, is non-existent. I was told that the drapes sit on the floor because of the unevenness of the floor. The original drapes were perfect, although they were a bit too much off the floor because in 1976 I had carpet. Wouldn't you think that people who do drapes for a living would measure more accurately. Drapes sitting on the floor will become soiled since they are on the floor. If the drapes were brought up about 1/4" I think they would be OK, but someone who knows how to propery measure would be the best person to do the measuring. I have received no apology from National Drapery. I might ask the other company to see how much they would charge for the drapes using the fabric I requested of National Drapery. National Drapery --- you really didn't try very hard to look for the specific fabric for the drapes that I requested. I resent spending $2500 on drapes that are not satisfactory. No effort has been made by the owner to reach out to me or pay me a visit to see the drapes. Had the salesperson taken a bit more time and care to do the measuring of the drapes and sheers, I am sure the curtains and the sheers would have been the right size. I am NOT a happy customer!!

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