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Marco in Sherwood Park
Marco in Sherwood Park
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Beachcomber STAY AWAY

I called Beachcomber Hot Tubs on September 18th at 10.13 that my hot tub leaks, when R. told me, he put a service request in and somebody should be on my place shortly to check it out.
Nobody showed up!
So I went to the store at 99 street in Edmonton on September 21st and told J. the issue. He said R. didn’t put a service request in and gave me a piece of paper with the service request which also proves my Warranty!
I got a call from their Technicians (S. Tech) and I told her the problem about the inner leakage. We don’t do inner leaks anymore, was the answer and I also have to pay $75 for Mileage, because I live outside of Sherwood Park. I told her right away” The Tub is still under warranty and I am not paying $75. She said we are not charging $75 directly, but Beachcomber will!
After negotiating, I got an appointment on the October 6th to get the tub fixed.
I took a day off, when the technician showed up, just by himself and said: it's too late to fix the tub, is getting too cold' because his glue has to try 24hours above a 5 degrees to give warranty on his work or I have to pay $700 ($350 each way) to haul the tub to their shop to get it fixed. NO I said! So he just winterized the tub and left!
I called beachcomber again. R. was on the phone and he said: He is just the sales guy and doesn’t deal with warranties. I also told R. that S. Tech wants $700 for transportation and he said that’s ridiculous. (That’s the guy who sold me that tub poorly, but that’s another story) He send me a text to call the owner of S. Tech. I called him and mentioned that R. said it would be ridiculous to charge so much for transportation. The guy told me, it is not on us and he will call Beachcomber and sort it out.
Couple days later, I got a call from L. (S. Tech) the lady who set up the first appointment and she told me: Next week we going to have nice weather and we’re able to repair your tub. Is October the 24th at 9.00 a.m., ok for you? I said sure, but I have to work. Do I have to be at home or do you need anything, I asked her? No that’s fine. You don’t have to be there.
On October the 24th I got a call from the owner of S. Tech he can’t fix the tub because he needed water to find the leak.
Since that I didn’t hear anything either from Beachcomber 99 street in Edmonton or S. Tech their only “tub techs” subcontractors!

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