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Stamped Driveway

I want to preface this. I wasn't going to post but I am looking to have more work done and I see the 5 star rating and I can't sit idle. I received a stamped driveway. I was not then and am not now happy with it. I wasn't warned you'd see every stamp outline. Also, where the stamp didn't fit they tried to fill it in with their fingers, literally. They tried to make it right, they came out, tried to chip down the stamp outlines and gave me some additional material for where it had already started to peel. That was nice. I think I even got a break on the price. Also nice. Those things are why the second star. Unfortunately, concrete is one of those things you need to get right the first time. The first year: The walkway has cracked through, the top has peeled off in a couple sections and no matter how well I clean it and seal it (which is often) it is covered in pops. It continues to degrade. (Go to homestead icecream, look at the stamped concrete at the bottom of their stairs, you get the idea, also rockscapes). I just felt an obligation to post. Every time I wash my driveway I am disappointed. I have looked at options, a bush hammer is the only one I can see and I 'm not looking to put out another 15k. It holds up the cars, it'll do, just not what I expected when I signed up.

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Hi Ryan, thanks for the review, I would be glad to take a look at your job, I don't recall you calling me in the last 7 or 8 years. (and this job was done about 8-10 years ago) Salt and severe winter conditions can take a toll on any concrete. I'm glad you have made an effort to seal and maintain. Cracking is a fact, but I'm sure we did our job of lifting rebar and the rebar is there to keep the cracks minimal and level. Cracks in concrete in a freeze thaw climate is pretty common. Stamping is only a small part of what we do and we have done a lot of it, and do consider ourselves to be really good at stamping concrete. Sometimes customers pick really aggressive stamps like Ashlar Slate, and Random Cobblestone, (that are designed to have more than 1/2 an inch of texture) and a few others. (which you did) Using our hands to level the concrete, and small hand mats and tools is a standard practise. I don't recall all the details but looked up your address and I will come by and check it out! (I did check it out and actually is pretty good job) Your immediate neighbor used us to do his driveway and I'm sure he is very happy. We did his last year. And he is aware we did yours. I think you were dealing with Chad back then. We have done thousands of jobs and have many happy customers. Factors outside our control impact customer satisfaction pending individual usage, annual care and maintenance, water run-off from downspouts, number freeze thaw cycles during winter and salt season, etc. These factors are outside our control can have a pretty big impact on customer satisfaction. I have your address logged on Gillies. We have many happy customers in Rosewood. Should you use us again, I will give you a great break on the cost. I think you know we do good work Ryan. As evidenced for the most part by great reviews. John Groves, owner.