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Yana in Toronto
Yana in Toronto
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Worst experience of my life

Amj Campbell Toronto
L5T 2B2

If i could rate it - , I would.Thanks to AMJ Campbell. I lost thousands of dollars and faith in humanity. If you do not want your move to be a complete disaster, run away from this company.
I moved with my family from Winnipeg to Toronto in July 2018, full service for packing and moving 4 BD house. The price was between the highest, after a negotiations, the company reduced the price a bit to be more competitive, it ended with $6406. Although I had better prices, AMJ Campbell convinced me to go with them. The packing day was long. Only 3 people worked although I requested 4 because I had a lot of stuff. The delivery was late in 1 day, the company offered a discount of $300 which I accepted.

The day of receiving was a complete and total disaster.
I put all my family gold, diamonds and my jewelry in home in a jewelry boxes. I was wearing on me some of the gold items, such as my wedding and engagement rings, my grandmother ring and gifts from my mother, day before I received the shipment. I used to wear those specific items every day. The day of the receiving was very long and stressful, all the jewelry were in the boxes in the house. The movers had an access to everywhere in the house and I couldn't possibly watch every step in 2-floors house. I never thought it could happen, however next morning after receiving the furniture and stuff, I couldn't find 2 jewelry boxes with most precious and priceless items, inherited gold and diamond jewelry from my mother, my Mother-in-law RIP and Grandmother RIP, my wedding and engagement rings, my mother and Mother-in-law RIP engagement and wedding rings, and gold items my husband gave me. My husband is only one child, his mother gave me her gold before she died.
I filed complain to the police. Total lost is appraised above 27000. The company takes no responsibility and is not willing to conduct any type of investigation. They just answered my question, stating that all the movers have clean criminal record, and refused to provide any supportive documentation. I had also a painter in the house at the same time, but he started to work before the moving day and continued to work another month after moving day. The jewelry went missing on the moving day. Nothing else disappeared during any other day. I am heartbroken, all the memories, all the jewelry I had form my mom, Grandmother and Mother-in-Law are gone. I don't know how to talk to my mom, she's old sick lady, she worked very hard her whole life and she gave me her jewelry to keep with me. I am ashamed to look into my husband face. Everything precious from 3 generations of my family disappeared on the moving day. It happened 2 months ago, and only now I can find a strength to talk about it. My family pain is endless, this is ruining my life. I'm not pointing fingers, those are sad facts.

The team of the movers who came with the furniture were unprofessional to say the least. They didn't wrap my wooden stairs in the house and didn't put runners at the beginning, there didn't care if they cause any damage and started to argue from the beginning. Only after me pointing out the scratch they just made on hardwood floor, they wrapped the stairs and placed the runners. The movers refused to re-assemble the furniture. The furniture was only partially wrapped. After my call to the office, they reassembled only part of the beds. The team lead, Frank, was extremely rude, he yelled at me in my house in front of my kids. How did I dare to call the office and cause him trouble. Just to be clear, re-assemble was part of the contract, I can't do it myself. This is why I hired "professionals" and payed for the service a lot of money. After an argument, I found out that my expensive Ashley furniture and things were moved 3 times from trailer to trailer, and the last small trailer was to small.

I don't know why I deserved such a horrible experience, I was very nice, calm and polite with the movers, I offered them a lunch and beverages, one of them even ate. I paid more than 6 thousands to receive a service which was below 0.

Only after few mails and phone calls, 3 days later, another team cam to assemble the furniture.

Part of the furniture and other stuff such as iron or paintings came broken and damaged. Box, rugs, desk and some few items are missing. Most of the furniture is scratched, damaged and chipped. There is a lot of damage to my king bed and king mattress, some damage to the kids beds and desks. I am upset, because all the furniture was purchase a year and half before the moving day, We purchased a new house in Winnipeg less then 2 years before the moving day, and we invested a lot in new expensive furniture and decorations. Some of the unbreakable items such as books were wrapped in a lot of paper, but other breakable items such as glasses were jammed inside small box with a lot of the paper on the top and the bottom. I guess different packers use different system to pack, or the packers were tired by the end of the long packing day and just didn't care anymore. Any ways, most of the boxes were just filled with the papers, 2 months later I'm still throwing the papers away.

To sum up, I do NOT recommend AMJ Campbell. This was the worst service experience of my life. If I went back in time, I would prefer to leave my furniture behind and not hire this company. I filed claim for all the missing and damaged items, except the jewelry. The police investigation is open, I am waiting to receive the results and considering to go to the court against the company and against the movers personally for the missing jewelry.

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Company Response

Hi Yana,

It seems as though you had a very poor moving experience which involved several personal items which are near and dear to you. We can't even imagine how you must feel and what it is like to go through this type of experience. It has taken some time to put words together to express our sincere apologies to you and would like to help you in any way that we can. Allow us a little more time to connect with those involved to see what we can do to assist you. Someone will be in toch with you again soon.

Thank you for writing us and sharing your experience, it is very helpful to know.