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Donna Ontario in London
Donna Ontario in London
1 review London, ON

Hot tub sunrise typhoon

My name is Donna. I am having tremendous trouble with my hot tub that I bought in May of 2017. I'm getting over growth at bacteria after many decontamination .. I had my water tested buy a microbiology lab and there were 200 CPU per ml and this was after decontamination.
. I have been back and forth to the dealer that about the hot tub many times and nothing seems to work. In the beginning I had a red rash two to three weeks after I got the hot tub after decontamination it cleared it up then a week or so after there was a very strong moldy smell that hurt my lungs and burn my throat. Everything was balanced. So now it's end of augustand I have hardly use my hot tub. I need help !!!! I was told by a hot tub company that I could have had contamination from Manufacturing during the wet tests that they do to check the plumbing. Can you help me please fix this issue cuz I'm running out of solutions.

s and my throat . So I decided to bring a water

sample into a laboratory that does testing for microbiology and 200 Cfu (bacteria)per ml grew. See pic below. water at the time was well chlorinated abetween 3 and 4 parts per million

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Company Response


Although all our dealers are highly trained in water chemistry, we can certainly help you.

All water used during the testing process at Sunrise Spas is done using chlorinated and filtered water, however depending on how the spa was stored prior or after delivery, and how it was managed during the initial learning process, can sometimes cause a chemistry problem that requires more than a typical "shock".

In a circumstance like this the first thing to do is "hyperchlorinate" the spa in order to eliminate any potential issues and allow you to have a "fresh start". Unfortunately some bacteria can live in "normal" chlorine levels and therefore need more extensive action in order to be eliminated.

The process of hyperchlorination is a process by which the spa is brought to a reading of at least 10ppm of chlorine and maintained for at least 48 hours.

Here are important precautions to follow during the procedure:

1) remove the cover, pillows, and any other accessories completely
2) disconnect the heater so that it never engages during the superchlorination process
3) make sure all your pumps run for as much time as possible during the process

Once this process is done (while observing all the precautions), then you must neutralize the chlorine, drain the spa, clean it, refill it, and have your water balanced.

After this process you should be starting "fresh" which means that with your usual daily chlorine or bromine additions, you should be able to enjoy your spa.

Remember that proper balance of your alkalinity, pH, and hardness are essential to proper water chemistry, and that using chlorine or bromine alone is ineffective.

I hope his helps, please contact us if you have any further questions.
Thank you,
Sunrise Spas