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800 Industrial Ave, Unit 5 Ottawa ON K1G 4B8
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Terry &.
Terry &.
2 reviews Nepean, ON

Warranty service

Tub failed In January, called for emergency service (I didn't want the tub to freeze). Their repair guy did not show up until 4 days later, and then only after I gave them PREPAYMENT via credit card over the phone!

Well the service guy arrives and says I cannot change the pump due to ICE, we'll have to come back in the spring.

Well spring arrives and suddenly SUBZERO is almost impossible to get a hold of. TWICE I let my information and TWICE no return call. When I do eventually here from them, they no longer offer service but recommend a 3rd party. I call the 3rd party and they know nothing about my PREPAYMENT for the pump install.

SubZero NOW says, "oh that payment you made well that was for the new pump and a service call". Service call? the guy was here for 10 minutes, and simply delivered the pump.

Subzero also says, they are not responsible for ICE damage. Well it was their lack of service that was responsible for any ICE damage, if there is any, and there is no proof that there is any ice damage.

I will never purchase anything from this company, and predict that they are destined to failure, based on this level of customer service

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