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anne l in North york
anne l in North york
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Bosch Nailer

Jean-Claude Cayer Enterprises Ltd
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I made 2 very large purchases from them in the the last year totaling $700. The first was a Bosch nailer which worked fine until it jack-knifed off a roof. So I ordered another, here are the facts:

- The gun came in an unmarked box with nothing in it but the gun. The previous one came in a proper Bosch manufacturer's box with goggles and other supplies that Bosch includes in the package. Also noted that the gun itself was labelled with a price tag?
- When I went to use the gun, I oiled it up and it didn't work and made loud hissing noises.
- Contacted customer service/sales team and told them my problem and also suggested that I was sent a floor model (which I was not informed of)
- First the sales team insisted that UPS opened their package and repackaged it before delivery.
- Then they suggested that maybe it was a display model but got offended because they assumed that I was accusing them of intentionally sending a gun they knew did not work.
- Then I was told "Do not ship it back, and a refund will not be issued and all emails are ignored from here on"
- I eventually got in contact with someone reasonable from customer service and sent the gun back.
- They informed me that their service department looked at the gun and it was working perfectly fine, all it needed was oil (please refer to my comments above. I have been a roofer for over a decade, I know that I need to oil my roofing gun. That clearly wasn't the problem)
- Upon visiting the website that very day, it was noted that the product was no longer available for sale. (further supporting the fact that they sent me a display model when they ran out of product)
- Because I knew that there was a problem with this gun and they wanted to send back what was essentially a refurbished gun (something I did not pay FULL PRICE for), I asked for a refund at which time I was told that I would not be refunded my original shipping cost.

Here are my conclusions:
- The sales team is extremely arrogant and rude. They do not admit to any wrongdoing even though it is clear in this case that the customer is right. They were given numerous opportunities to right their mistake and instead chose to be unethical and unreasonable.
- They sent a display model without the permission of the customer, and it did not work. Thus, my shipping cost should have been refunded because they did not ship me what I ordered in the first place - A NEW NAIL GUN in working condition.
- If in fact UPS had opened this box, it still isn't the customer's problem, JCC is the one with a service agreement with UPS. Since they suggested that this was common practice, they should pursue legal action since theft is a pretty serious crime especially if it was occuring on a regular (I highly doubt this is the case)
- The service team must have had to open up the gun to figure out what was wrong. Why would you do that? If in fact it was a brand new gun, would't you just return it to Bosch and let it be their problem?

Their prices are in fact quite reasonable which is why I purchased from them in the first place but it is not worth the stress and hassle if anything, and I mean anything was to go wrong. With a $330 purchase, I cannot afford to buy from a company that has shipped me a broken gun and wont even admit to it. In this day and age, it still shocks me that companies like this one exist.

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