Everlasting Eavestroughing

Gutters & Eavestroughs
Hwy10S The Pas MB
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susan campbell from Saskatoon

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Everlasting Eavestroughing
The Pas

i hired the company to renovate my home, to put in weeping tiles, around my house, to put in a one way valve, sump pump and deck, they never finished the job that was 3 years ago, the deck falling apart, sump & one way valve does not work every time it rains a lot the basement floods. they tore up my yard and never fixed it up, the water proof backing they put around the basement wall started peeling off, my house was an eye sore because of the waterproof barrier falling off and i couldn't mow the yard because of all the rocks, uneven ground and no grass. To make matters worse i was in a plane crash shortly after the renos were done and was off work for one year. I didn't do anything about this because of the post traumatic stress but now I am back to work, but I don"t know were to start.

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