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Brook Papau from Calgary
Brook Papau from Calgary
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Sprinkler Installation

I've never written a negative review for a service before before because I usually don't want to hurt a business and the vast majority of the time I am satisfied with the results.

This time I have to though because I found out about ATB on this site and read the positive reviews. So please read my story before going to ATB.

I contacted Andrew in May to come out and give us a quote on the work. After a few failed attempts he came out and did the quote. We wanted both sides of the driveway done, garden in the back and along the sides of the house. We dont have any back lawn. After that he said early June, then late June then early July then finally mid July. At no point did he contact me. I always called him. About a half dozen times.

He comes out and does the work. I warned him ahead of time not to trample all over the garden. He said he wouldnt. When I came home this is what I found:

- the Garden was all but destroyed. All of the mulch (all of it) was mixed in with the soil. He took gravel from the side of the house where he dug a hole for the controller and sprayed it all over the garden. Plants that we left alive were trampled on. (Andrew, if your reading this and doubt it, I still have the pictures).
- The left hand side of the driveway was left untouched. He asked my wife, who was home, what she wanted to do but that he thought I said to not do that side (untrue, I told him specifically to do it), so she agreed with him.

But thats not all... okay it looks like crap, I can fix it. A few other minor things here and there, but maybe it works fine. So I turn it on. Not a second after ever single line off a drip feeder blows right off.

So I call Andrew and get him to come over. He blames most of it on the two teenagers working for him and says the reason all the headers blew off was because it was too hot (uh, what, its summer). Also blamed the missing zone on my wife. Classy.

I agreed to let him fix everything and even to pay for the missing zone. So they work at it (not the new zone, not enough time for that) and I come back the next day.

Turn the system on, half the drips blow off. Call Andrew and he says he'll come back to fix it. Installs a pressure 2 reduction valves.

Come back later that night, turn system on and nothing blows off but I hear a subtle hissing sound. One of the valves is leaking. Call Andrew. He comes back and fixes it.

I come back the next day, turn the system on and its still leaking. At this point Im beside myself, so I start taking a look at what he did. The valve is sitting under my deck on a old bucket he found down there.

There were a few other minor things but thats the jist of it. I eventually told Andrew that I was going to get another company to finish the job and subtract whatever they charged me agaist what I owed him. Another company came in and saved the day and I paid Andrew what I owed him (less what the other company charged).

It was horrible start to finish and very amateurish. Andrew seems like he means well but he has to take a serious look at the quality of his workmanship and start taking responsibility for it.

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