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Pat New from Peterborough
Pat New from Peterborough
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Window Screen Fiasco

I wouldn't recommend this company if my life depended on it. I am a woman over 60 and asked them to fix a screen and make a new one for me. The owner, Darren, came and measured the one window I needed to replace. There was never a screen in the window. The screen that I needed was 13 3/8" x 49 1/4" White Frame. Black Fiberglass Mesh Screen. I ) ordered August 15/17 and today I finally got it and installed it myself. (October 5/17)

Here is the problem.....When I first received the screen it was way too large! I called, they said bring it in we will fix it. Another week goes by and I called, screen is ready. I go and pick it up...bring it home...and it still doesn't fit!! I called, they offered a refund, I said no...I need the screen to fit. It appears to be backwards. He states he found that hard to believe. Offered to come to the house to see. A week later, an hour later than he stated he would arrive. He looks at the screen agrees it is backwards. Scratches his head and states again, refund? I showed him other screens in the house. Asked if it could be fixed with any of those options. We decided to used screen clips and pull the other spring ones out. Another week goes by, I drop in, screen is not ready. Another week goes by, I call...screen is ready but can't find screen clips, I say, "I am sure Home Hardware will carry that." He claims he tried and no clips. Says he is going to contact one of his contractors. He calls a few days later, still nothing!!! I stop into Home Hardware, across the street from where his shop is. Guess what???? I found the clips!!! I drive across the road to pick up my screen. Darren is there. I tell him I found the clips at Home Hardware!!!

So after all this, I ask for a rebate on my costs $70 for this screen, plus $5 for the clip, never mind all the gas I consumed coming and going for this screen, not to mention all the time involved............ and he says, "Oh, I can't do that!" I was so put off that he just didn't give a damn.

Oh, and the other screen that I asked to be fixed. There was a clip broken off it, and asked if he could find one for me. He stated he would try. When he finally gave me my quote, he stated he couldn't find those clips, not manufactured anymore. He could replace the screen for $120+ I told him I would pass. Guess what?? I found the clip at Home Hardware and they fixed it for free!!!

So, do yourself a favour, The company sucks!!!!

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