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Service and Issues

To all Calgarians,
We’re hopping after reading this feedback letter Shane Home will provide good service to us (3- and 1-year inspection) and their future customers.
We bought a house from Shane Home because referred by my friend and we thought Shane Home is very nice and good builder, but we’re very disappointed with the process we need to go through because we caught so many mistakes before and after built, Shane Home has not built a house as per our building plan and customer requested and many things that were missed by Shane Home and their suppliers.
1. When we started our appointment with Kim Chapman, interior designer we thought she would guide us for what to choose, what not to and what looks best in our house, but she didn’t even guide about Interior / Exterior things for our house and we paid extra price due to lack of guidance and information that we were expecting from her. Here are the examples of her mistakes.
• Exterior Door – On our first exterior appointment with her, she didn’t show us upgraded doors and just showed us the Standard Door. Because of that we selected standard door but after just 1 week we selected upgraded door because she didn’t show us upgrades doors on exterior appointment, but my friend told that Shane home also has upgraded doors and then we came to know about it. We emailed to Kim after 1 week that we would like to have upgraded door, but she said we need to pay extra cost $350 for late charge and changing the door because we already signed exterior selection on appointment. “WE PAID $350 EXTRA FOR HER MISTAKE”
• Quartz wright charge - We upgraded quartz to 3mm from 2mm and asked Kim so many times how she calculated $650 weight charges on quartz but she was just providing me cabinet drawing so after I talked with my referred friend who bought house from Shane Home(Cornerstone) and he told me if quartz/granite size is more than 28 sq ft then I will get weight charge; I talked with Belal about weight charge and he told me that charge is legit and in my house kitchen countertop is more than 28 sq st but confirmed with Kim again that at which location in my home Shane home charged me weight charge she said it is for Island so I calculated Island square foot by myself but it was not more than 28 sq ft so I asked again and again but she was saying all charges are correct as per estimator so I gave up and told me to count square foot by myself. “WE GAVE UP”
• I spent 2 hours - When our kitchen was building at that time I spent 2 hours and measured quartz size on countertop and Island which was not more than 28 sq ft and so I emailed kim with all details and pictures then she gave me credit for $650 for weight charge because Shane Home supplier didn’t charge it. I MEAN LIKE HOW COME SHANE HOME IS CHARGING TO ME or CUSTOMERS WITHOUT CHECKING WITH THEIR SUPPIER AND CUSTOMER NEEDS TO SURRFER BECAUSE OF SHANE HOME MISTAKES. WHY CUSTOMER NEEDS TO TAKE HEADAHCE FOR SHANE HOME MISTAKES???????. If Shane Home didn’t charge me $650 initially I could have spent that money on somewhere in my kitchen or house.

• Laminate transition strips - On interior appointment day Kim told my wife about Laminate and Tile transition will be smooth and my wife asked her to show pictures or samples of transition but she said Shane home don’t have Transition Strips, When our home was building and after built I emailed Kim, Nessir and Belal but they all said they can’t do anything about Transition “LOOKING BUMPY TRANISITION STRIPS”(SEE ATTACHED PICUTRES). I told them “IF SMALL KIDS COULD FALL OFF FROM BUMBY TRANISITION STRIPS THEN SHANE HOME WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT still they said THEY CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT TRANSTION.”

2) When our house was building we found so many major and minor mistakes by supplier/Shane homes.
• We choose knock-down ceiling and supplier installed popcorn ceiling – Rectified
• Knock-down ceiling in closets: - When our house was building we noticed there was no knock-down ceiling in our closets and we talked to Belal about it and he told he has not idea about it and we are the first customer to ask him about it in his 10 years of experience. We were totally socked and then he found out there should not be knock-down ceilings in closets.
• Wrong Laminate installed: - Supplier installed wrong laminate and Kim emailed us to see if we like wrong laminate or not, A thought comes in our mind we should stop the process of building home with Shane Home, but we leave it and told Kim we didn’t like it at all. Supplier corrected laminate in 4-5 hours. I checked laminate again and we found supplier mistake again with some laminate sheets as they some sheets were looking completely different as per our selected sheets, so we email Kim and Belal again to correct it – Rectified
• Waterline: - On orientation day we found missing waterline for fridge – Rectified
• Wrong Gas stove installation- After orientation day and before 2-3 days before our possession day we found accidently that they installed wrong gas stove in our house and then we talked to Kim and Nessir and they told you guys need to talk to train appliances and we can not do any thing about. After it got corrected on our possession day – Rectified “SO WHY WE NEED TO TALK TO SUPLLIER EVERYTIME TO GET CORRECT THE THINGS”
• Living room Show case Box: - We requested to Belal before and after the signing the agreement that we would like to have show case box under the wall mount TV in living room and we also showed him a picture how we wanted to have and then he told us i will find out let us know about it. Then we did follow up several times to get information of it and he informed us that we need to wait until the framing walk trough appointment and on that day service tech told us that we need to talk before framing and Belal was present at that time and he then told ohh now we can not do anything as there was hitting lines were going trough and plumping lines were already installed. SO, WE NEED TO COMPROMISE OUR DREAM TO HAVE SHPOW CASE BOX UNDER WALL MOUNT TV.

3) Mistakes found after we moved into our house

• Missing towel bar on En-Suite bathroom and on possession day we found towel bar left in our house for us to put it on???? - So, we asked Belal why it is missing, and he told me we need to check and make sure everything is correct and as per our request, Towel Bar issue rectified after we moved in. I asked him and Nessir does “Shane Home has checklist what customer requested?”. They both told yes and Belal told me “We checked when we got bill from supplier”. I mean like really this is how Shane Homes follows on checklist and customer request.
• Split switches/lights: - We requested to Belal to split the switches for the lights (Outside Laundry Room and Bonus Room) – BUT HE FORGET PUT ON CHANGE ORDER on Sept 29/30, 2018 and WE DIDN’T EVEN CHECK BECAUSE WE TRUSTED SHANE HOME AND BELAL. After we moved into our house we noticed 2 lights are burning at the same time, so I talked with Belal about this 2 weeks ago, but he told I didn’t request, and I mean which customer wants to burn 2 lights at same time???, He told can’t do anything about that. He told me then he already mentioned to me cost $138 to put extra switch on when I signed the final plan with him (HE DIDN’T EVEN TELL ME ABOUT THE COST OF THE SWITCH)- Rectified
• Reinforce Lights: - We requested to have reinforce lights in our house that has been done but not like my friend home (Who bought Shane Home house beside ours). My friend got 2 switches in his rooms 1 for light and 1 for ceiling fan and in my home, I got only 1 switch for both. When I talked with Nessir and Belal about this they both me “DON’T COMPARE WITH MY FRIEND” But I asked then “why not” even both houses are built by Shane Home and we followed each other houses since we singed the contract with Belal. So, I requested I want to have exact same way as my friend has it then they told me it was supplier mistake who put 2 switches and it shouldn’t be 2 switches. I UNDERSTOOD AGAIN BOTH ARE POINTING TO “SUPPLIER MISTAKES”.
• Peephole or Eye viewer in Exterior door: - Our friend and we selected same exterior door and our friend got peephole on it, but we did not, so we talked to Nessir and Belal about it and they said STOP COMPARNING HOUSES, but I said WHY NOT?? If builder same, we need to compare the house because we both selected same Exterior Door and we paid extra $350 for the door because Kim didn’t show upgraded door – Issue rectified

Our question – Does Shane homes have checklist what has been done and what not as per building plan and customer requested????? I’M SURE SHANE HOME DON’T HAVE IT.

Thank You,

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