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BH from Stittsville
BH from Stittsville

Squirrel removal

  Grady's Wildlife Removal
1841 Finch-Winchester Boundary
K0C 1H0

When a squirrel fell down from our chimney, I called many of the wildlife removal companies in Ottawa. The asking price was beyond our budget ($350 to $400). So, I gave up and hope that the animal (at that time didn't know what kind of animal was above our damper). After few days, the animal didn't go away. So, I started searching and found Grady's Wildlife Removal. I talked to John Grady and asked him about the cost. His quote was quite reasonable and he was at Carleton Place removing rats at that time. He came to my house around 3:30PM and went up to see if he can see what kind of animal. Unfortunately, he didn't see the animal. Because it was getting dark, he went up to the chimney to install a wired sheet on the chimney top first (so that no more animals can get in next time). He then open the damper and used a camera to check what kind of animals. We put the video in our PC and found that it was a grey squirrel (it looked like a rat). At the end, the squirrel was removed and taken away to somewhere farther. We were so happy! We would recommend John Grady for his honesty, his work and his good price! It is kind of crazy for other wildlife control companies to charge unreasonable price.

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