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Toronto Roofing Industries Ltd
2489 Queen St E
M4E 1H9

When I contacted this company for a roofing job, I asked them to take pictures of the top of the roof, you know, “Before” and “After” pictures. I can’t get to the top of my flat roof and I wanted to get some pics, which in the age of cell phones should have been super-easy to do. They sent me four pictures in total: 2 of the front and back of my house taken off the street days after the job was finished (after I insisted on getting the pics) and 2 close-up pictures of wood off a stripped roof. My roof? Someone else’s roof? Who knows? When I said to them that these pics don’t really show what the job looked like before and after (no pictures of the top of the flat roof), instead of owning up to it right away, Tim proceeded give me these half-apologies: He was sorry but in in 30 years they never were asked to do this, what did I want the pictures for, etc. After ten minutes of conversation where I was just getting increasingly angry at him not taking responsibility, he finally admitted that, yes, they did not do what I had asked. Then he offered to give me pictures of my roof from Google Earth. Really? You go on their website and it’s all this stuff about how the customer is king but when they make a mistake they don’t own up to it right away – they try to make you feel that you were at fault for even requesting it. The pics should have been ready right after the job was done if they had indeed had been done. Not taken days later off the street. Obviously, the workers did not take them then and there and the company was trying to cover their tracks. When people are honest and they have nothing to hide, they are usually plain-spoken and upfront. Not being upfront makes me question the company and other areas where stuff was not done. Hopefully, the roofing job will be okay but only time will tell. There are plenty of roofers here with 10/10 ratings – go with them.

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Company Response

We apologize for the confusion with regards to the pictures requested and provided of this job. The office assumed before pictures meant "in progress" pictures, not pictures of your house before work began? We do our best to accommodate over 1000 customers each year and regret that this has soured your experience.