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D from Saskatoon
D from Saskatoon
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I bought my kitchen appliances from Tasco in 2006 and left the store feeling good about what I bought. The fridge was the perfect size, the over the range microwave was beautiful, the slide in stove was ultra modern (at the time) and the dishwasher was the quietest on the market!!! The salesman assured me everything we picked out was top of the line. The salesman also convinced us to get the extended warranty through Tasco (which we did not want to get because they seem like a money grab), however he told us about this WONDERFUL program you have where if after 5 years you have not used your extended warranty, you get it as a credit towards a future purchase at Tasco Appliances. This seemed like a great program and we knew in 5 years we would need/want a new washer and dryer, so we bought the extended warranty through Tasco for all 4 appliances.
With regards to our actual purchase we had a few minor hiccups regarding the delivery process. First of all, when the appliances arrived, the slide-in stove didn't quite fit the standard opening as promised so we were forever left cleaning crumbs under the slight gap between our stove and counter top. The fridge and microwave were awesome.....no complaints there. The dishwasher was not actually delivered on our scheduled date......apparently it was stuck in Korea. Our salesperson explained that the boat with our dishwasher on it was not clearing customs in Korea, and that they could not guarantee we would ever get it........!???? He said we could come in and choose another one. The closest dishwasher to the one we ordered ended up being $300 more, and he wouldn't even give it to us for the same price as the one we originally ordered. So, we ended up in our new house without a dishwasher and spending $300 more than we financially planned for.
Fast forward 4 and a half years: We called to inquire about our 'credit' with Tasco because we were in the market for a washer and dryer. We called the store and they told us that we had to wait until the 5 year mark from the original purchase date, and that we still had another 6 more months before we could use the credit.....so we bought our washer and dryer somewhere else.
In 2011 an email was sent stating that there were even MORE restrictions on our 'credit' with Tasco....apparently we have to wait 5 years to use it.......then once the 5 years is up we have a limited amount of time to use it before it expires!????? (all of which was NOT explained at the time of purchase). AND to top it all off, we cannot use the entire credit at once......we have to use each appliance warranty 'credit' separately. (also NOT explained to us at the time of purchase). I called today to use my 'credit' for a new dishwasher and was told that it expired 4 months ago.........4 months ago.......as in the time when I did not need a new dishwasher.........I have tried to use this so called 'credit' multiple times and each time I get told I have to wait or 'oh sorry it has expired'. This sounds like a money grab to me......a promise that they had no intention of fulfilling.....so basically it sounds like very poor business practice.

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Company Response

Hi D,
We understand that you have been communicating with our Extended Warranty department and they are trying to assist you outside the guidelines of the extended warranty and policies. If you have further questions please contact our extended warranty department they can and will assist you.