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Not Stellar

I bought my current mattress at Sleep Country. I bought the mattress it replaced at Sleep Country as well. The first experience was much more helpful with sleep experts guiding us through a number of 'tests' of what mattress was best for us. But we were also fools and didn't shop around and paid too much for that mattress, two high-end pillows and pillow covers. This time, I was happy-ish with the price, but feel that mattress shopping is dreary business as there are tiny changes in sku/name from one retailer to another so its hard to compare prices to get them to price-match. We got good - but not stellar - service. Our bed has wood slats instead of using box springs, so we only buy the mattress - the price is reflective of that.

I was very happy with their delivery. Fast, timely, easy, efficient. I won't allow un-bootied shoes on my upstairs carpets. I pre-paid for them to take and reuse the mattress (still in very good shape!) for those who need it. I was impressed that the delivery people were so courteous and remarked how clean our old mattress was - and took the time and effort to wrap it in the plastic from the new delivery before taking it to the truck. Best delivery I've had in ages!

A tip - We received a discount coupon from Sleep Country when we bought the bed. Use that for a follow up visit to get your pillows or a good mattress cover. Wish I'd known -I bought it all in one go

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