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Adt Protectron
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We used to be very happy with Reliance (back when they were Voxcomm) but since the takeover we have been very disappointed. Reliance employees often seem to be unclear who is on our call list and what steps they are to take when an alarm goes off. Recently I received a call for my sister's alarm a full half hour after Reliance had received the alert and they could give me no explanation as to why they took so long to call me. By the time I got to her house (2 min away) the police had already attended and discovered that it was the dog walker. My sister will now be billed for the police attendance which could have been avoided if Reliance had called me earlier. We recently had problems with our phone line and when I called Reliance and asked them to check if they still had our house on their system they told me that I would have to be in the house and physically test it in order for them to tell. I would like to think that if our phone and backup line disconnected they would know without me calling to tell them! Back when they were Voxcomm they were very reliable but now it seems like a roll of the dice every time we deal with them. Their technicians are great but the actual monitoring seems useless now. Our contract is up for renewal and after three years with them we will be looking elsewhere.

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