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Libby in Toronto
Libby in Toronto
1 review Toronto, ON

Fixed botched paint job

My husband and I did a do-it-yourself paint job on a wall and failed miserably! Not sure why (I'll blame it on old paint!) but the finish after we were done was similar to stucco, not a normal smooth painted surface (we may have just used too thick of a coat, or not back-rolled).

Nestor sanded the wall to remove the textured surface, and skimmed the wall with putty. He then painted the entire wall. He assured me that if required he would come back as many times as necessary to retouch which made me feel very confident. He also said that due to the process it was likely he would come back at least once as the putty may dry with some small cracks.

While the wall was quite well done after the first go-around, there were some very hairline cracks as Nestor advised may happen. I called him and he came back right away to sand slightly and retouch where necessary. The end result is a beautifully painted wall.

Nestor saved us from our do-it-yourself horror story. He was very professional throughout, responded promptly, and was flexible to come in either during the week or on weekends. We will definitely use him again in the future.

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Thank you Libby