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Mike Parish from Old Toronto
Mike Parish from Old Toronto
2 reviews Toronto, ON

Waterproof basement

I should of listened the first time.
A few years ago we had MacRae waterproof a section at the back of our house. Were a semi in the Beach and the home is build on clay and sand, perfect storm for water in the basement. I was convinced that only a small portion of the west facing foundation needed 'fixing'. So that's all we did.
At the time MacRae suggested that we should really completely waterproof entire foundation. A few years later they were back.
Last spring they returned to finish the job. Not only did they have to fix the top of our foundation with new cement blocks, but they suggested that since the foundation is exposed and there was no weeping system now was the time to install it.
This time I listened and am I glad I did. Not a drop of water has entered our basement since the new weeping system and sump pump was installed. I'm amazing at the amount of water the sump removes, especially after a day of rain. During the major storm in early July not a drop. The sump worked a lot harder than it ever had before, but thank God I listened.
The team that did our job was great. All quality work. If it's the little details that matter, they nailed it. In order to install the sump pump, they had to break up the basement floor. When pouring cement to cover the break they took extra time and effort to ensure that the new concrete was smooth and blended into the exsisting floor.
Yes, we paid more than we thought, but it is the great investment in your home once you consider what water and time can do to your basement.
I would recommend that if your in need of waterproofing your home, seriously consider MacRae.
And don't be like me, when they make a suggestion, they really have your best interest in mind.

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