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Eugene in Toronto
Eugene in Toronto
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Still waiting....horrendous customer service

PLEASE READ ALL NEGATIVE REVIEWS...there's a consistent theme throughout, and sadly, true.

Avoid this place at all costs, unless you're buying something in the store directly. Custom? Forget it. Save yourself the mountain of frustrations. Customer service is non-existent. Let me give you a detailed timeline of how misleading they are.

Ordered a chair May 13, 2018. Was told it would take 6 weeks. Past the 6 mark, no call, no heads up as to why the delay. July 23rd (week 11) I receive an email saying my order is ready for delivery. July 25th, my girlfriend misses classes and waits for a 2 hour delivery window. Nothing. No phone call, no email, no explanation...nothing. Almost 3 full business days and a strongly worded email later... "oh we're so sorry but the delivery people went to pick it up, but were told it wasn't ready." Please note...I was told this July 30th, and this date will become important after the next paragraph.

Already something doesn't jive. And to anyone reading this...I will list my email below and can provide screen shots of all communication to prove how I've been mislead. But back to the story at hand.

I'm now told (July 30th email)...don't worry, we've arranged delivery for August 9th. But there's a catch. Apparently the manufacturer has closed shop for a week (Friday, July 27 until Monday, Aug 6). Hold on..so either my order was never ready and they pruposley mislead me or management told their communications person, "Yeah yeah...go ahead and just tell him it's ready, we want his cash." (when in fact ...it's not). So how can you promise an order will arrive on a date when you can't even get a hold of the manufacturer to see if the order is ready? Because this communications person was out of the office between the 25th (expected delivery date) until the 30th, past when the manufacturer (Statum Design) shuts down. I had emailed this person the day of the delivery - past the window (25th) and twice on the 30th (the second email was the strongly worded one. Somehow I doubt it was made in a 2-day window.

I will give the communications person this - ever since my many complaints, email correspondence has been steady and frequent. Nothing from Patrick at all though, and he was cc'd in all emails. Surprise surprise. Go read all the other negative reviews about how he conducts business...you'll see the trend. When I complained to one person on the phone (and nearly lost my sh*t) the tone in their voice and the way they responded sounded like "Yeah of course it's not right...you as a customer don't deserve this."

Trust me...all the negative comments have some truth to them, especially the ones that say they are quick to take your money but won't bother to let you know what's going on and will leave you hanging. When I had to pay the balance oh man were they lightening fast at processing my credit card. It was quite incredible....AND MY CHAIR HAD NOT EVEN BEEN MADE!!! They're supposed to collect the balance after it's ready.

If you want to buy something ready made in the shop...sure. I ordered a bookshelf and it got there in reasonable time. If you want something made...AVOID AVOID AVOID. Never again do I want anything to do with this store.

Think about it...most places that have a stellar reputation have something in common. Many 5 star reviews...followed by many 4s, a few 3s, and a rare scattering of 2s and the odd 1. Go back and see how many 1 star reviews there are in proportion to the total. Not only that...how detailed they are. That right there should tell you something.

I will update this again if and when my chair arrives (written July 31, 2018). eugene.negrii@gmail.com <--- if you need any further info, which I am oh so happy to provide.

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