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My Wife purchased a 12 foot patio umbrella in yellow. While umbrella was up a Little breeze on a sunny day swung the umbrella but caught it in time before smashing into a near by wall. 2nd time it happened I was not so fast enough and smashed into our wall damaging the umbrella. I suspect faulty base as it unhooked itself to swing under a light breeze. And of course Dot stands by their products and have absolutely no defects in their products (that are shipped from China mind you).
So Here I am stuck with a busted umbrella damaged by "WIND" that it DOTS disclaimer says warranty does not cover wind damage.

Now the wonderful customer service just as the other comments in here. Called with no answer and a full voice mailbox. I had to go to a store myself to get someone. yadda yadda yadda I take my umbrella in to have rods and the torn canopy fixed. SIX WEEKS LATER it is ready. Well somewhat.... as the fabric was not replaced. I ended up leaving the umbrella behind again as they waited to get the fabric colour that I have which is yellow. I get called back in a few days to be told they don't have the yellow but we can give you brown or red. I said no to those colours as we bought for the yellow. "well you can check back in the spring for the yellow fabric" they say.

Now it is spring and I call about my yellow fabric to be replaced and NOT IN STOCK. I am told they cant order just one neither as it comes from CHINA. Now back to fighting with DOT.... Stay tuned!

DONT BUY from this place.... Stick to Costco if you are a member!

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