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Ed K.
Ed K.
5 reviews Toronto, ON

Insulation spray foaming

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GTA 416-368-8810
Brantford 751-2522

Insta-insulation was retained to complete the spray foaming of parts of my home in the first week of March, 2018. My first issue with them is that they failed to alert us to the likelihood that any items in close proximity to the areas to be spray foamed would get foam residue on them. We specifically asked what we needed to do to prepare the area and were never told to remove or cover anything we did not want to be damaged. As a result, our front door, walls, table, and mirror in the foyer all had spray foam residue. In the basement, the floor, luggage, kitchen odds and ends, shelving etc. were also covered in spray foam residue. Insta-insulation did send someone by to remove the over spray but it was not completely removed and we continued to find items that had the residue. More importantly, for a company that specializes in spray foaming, you would think that alerting customers of proper preparation of the area would be standard practice. My chief complaint though was their poor handling of the rebate submission process. Their selling pitch included the fact that they handle the rebate submission from beginning to end. I reached out numerous times in May, June, July and August about the status of my rebate and received responses including “you was in the system just waiting for the payment” / “ they have been sending out the cheques for 3 weeks you should get yours soon” / “I have had 72 payouts so your cheque should arrive soon”. Not once did I receive any tangible evidence that they truly knew the status of my rebate nor did they provide me with any information around my submission or even the entity they requested the rebate from. It took a conversation with my neighbour (who had the same work done by Insa-insulation the day following mine) for me to find out rebates were requested from GreenON and a phone number I could call (none of this information was ever provided to me by Insta-insuation). I called GreenON and found out that Insta-insulation had provided an incorrect email address for me which had stalled my rebate submission process and that nothing had been done since it had been submitted months ago. Not once did Insta-insulation contact GreenON to inquire about my particular rebate. Had they done so, they would have discovered that is was a lack of response to an incorrect email address (provided by Insta-insulation) that had stalled my rebate process. It took a 5 min. call from me to resolve the issue. I am quite certain that had I not intervened, Insta-insulation would still be claiming that my rebate cheque was arriving any day… I contacted Insta-insulation to discuss the issue on Aug. 15th and I am still awaiting a call back almost 2 months later. Their customer service was poor especially once they received the final payment for their services. Their duty of care seemed to end once they were paid in full. I will not use Insta-insulation again and would not recommend them to others. I’m quite certain Insta-insulation will respond to this review politely indicating that they did everything they could and should do, and that their customer service manager never received my message but the reality is that they did not do what they promised they would do and should have done. Extremely disappointed and would caution anyone from using Insta-insulation.

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Company Response

Hello Ed,

First, I would like to say thank you for choosing Insta-Insulation for your spray foam project. Second, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to share your candid feedback on your experience with our people, products, and process. As much as it is certainly disheartening to learn that we have disappointed a customer, and especially in more than one area of service, we strive to view all negative feedback as an opportunity to positively improve our future performance. Clearly, we are unable to go back and erase the damage, but we certainly try to handle challenges head-on with the aim of working with you to resolve issues as fully and quickly as possible. We appreciate learning that, despite your unhappiness, both of the issues you have brought forward here have been resolved.

To address your displeasure with the spray foam work performed, it is certainly our practice for our sales advisors, scheduler, and install crew to provide each customer with information on how to prepare their home for the insulation work, prior to the start of the project. I cannot explain why we failed to communicate this to you, but I do apologize, on behalf of the whole team, that you did not have the information you needed to prepare for our work. I can appreciate how upsetting it would be to discover the foam overspray on so many of your valuable possessions. Although the team member we sent to remove the overspray certainly tried his best to restore things back to their original condition, and provide some compensation in the form of a gift card, I know that you must still feel your personal items will never be the same. I would like to extend our sincere apologies for not clearly communicating the importance of shielding your belongings from the spray.

With regards to your experience with the handling of the GreenON rebate, there is no excuse for the inadequate responses you received with your follow up inquiries about the status of your refund. Although, I’m quite confident that the clerical error with your email address was just that – an unfortunate error – it does not excuse the fact that we were unable to give you an accurate update. You deserved a much better response and firm answer and I am sorry that did not happen. We share your unpleasant experience with the GreenON process and we can only strive to be more prepared to anticipate and proactively manage the many challenges that will undoubtedly remain a part of future programs, should we choose to participate again.

Ed, I can easily understand how you would not be anxious to recommend our company to others based on your personal experience, outlined above. I can personally relate to the fact that regardless of any excellent track record a company may have, it becomes very personal when you’re the one that is the exception and not the rule, and we respect your position of dissatisfaction. It is certainly understandable and we do not enjoy having to live with it.

Being in business for more than 30 years, we have come to understand that despite best efforts to always be successful, sometimes you WIN and sometimes you LEARN. We don’t love it but we must accept it. Insta-Insulation remains a company who pride ourselves on integrity, and we plan to continue to do everything we possibly can to avoid the negative outcomes that inevitably will arise. We have learned much from your feedback and our experience in serving you, and for that we are grateful.

Sincerely, Crystal – Customer Care