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Diana from Toronto
Diana from Toronto
1 review Toronto, ON

Squirrel remediation

Buyers BEWARE! We had this company give us an estimate a few weeks ago that included required ($1809) plus an additional quote for suggested work. I called a few weeks later and asked for a discount. They agreed to give my parents a 10% senior discount + 3% if we paid cash (to avoid the transaction fees they get charged). We agreed and they came a week later. It all seemed fine until they finished the work and wanted to be paid for the required AND suggested work, which we never agreed to. I explicitly asked that we would owe what the quote of the required work was ($1809) minus the assessment price (of $125) we had paid on the first visit. I was surprised they wanted to charge my father more after they finished the work, but on the phone with Donna (the office manager) she agreed to take out the suggested work. Then I come back to find that they were taking ALL the work down. They argued that to get the discount we needed to do both the required AND suggested work. BUT THEY NEVER SAID THIS UNTIL THE WORK WAS DONE. I honestly believe this company acted in bad faith. Donna didn't even have the decency to call me and say they were going to take everything down. SO BEWARE, THEY SAY SOMETHING, BUT CAN CHARGE YOU OR DO SOMETHING ELSE.

And to answer the response of the company:
1. We never agreed to both required AND suggested work. I was the one that asked for the recordings of the conversations, for which Donna said it would take time. I remember clearly confirming the total amount owed as $1809-$125, which obviously did not include any suggested work.
2. Had you acted in good faith, you would have done at least two things: Donna would have called me right away to notify me you would order the workers to take their work down. And second, you could have said that you would review the recorded calls to clarify the misunderstanding. You did neither. You made a decision without talking to your costumer.
3. You claim the whole family saw the work, which is not accurate. My husband and I were inside the house taking care of our newborn baby, and my father came out regularly to see the work. He doesn't speak a lot of English, and he is not an expert of squirrel remediation, so it would be impossible for him to see that you had done both the required and suggested work. We trusted your company.
4. You are suggesting we were trying to not pay for a service. We are not going to pay for a service we never asked for, but certainly for one we agreed on. We were prepared to pay for the required work at the rate we agreed. Your accusations are ill founded and defamatory.
4. I am happy to go to court, because my conscience is clear. It is quite telling that you respond with threats and improprieties to an unsatisfied costumer. It shows how you do business.

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Company Response

We have you on voice recording agreeing to required and suggested and as you stated on the review you just wrote you confirm the quote was for required and suggested
When all work was completed and your entire family watched everything we did from start to finish which took the entire day and even came up on roof to inspect You refused to pay for the work
We had no choice but to remove what we had done.
We will be following up with legal action and suing you for non payment of work
There should be a website for contractors to warn them about people like you
I suggest you govern yourself accordingly as any more lies and deceit will be added to court action for deformation