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Rick from Burlington in Burlington
Rick from Burlington in Burlington
1 review Burlington, ON

Replacement of Storm Water Pipe

My recent service with Drainworks came to sour ending and it is no one’s fault but my own. In 2015 I used Drainworks to replace my catch basin in my driveway. After the catch basin was replaced, the technician ran a camera through the storm water pipe to find another problem about 17 feet down the line. Possible issues were verbally discussed but not thoroughly documented by either myself or the technician. This was my first mistake. As the replacement of the catch basin was already a substantial cost, I put off repairing this new problem until last week. Last week, I requested a service estimate to repair this pre-existing problem. Upon arrival the technician ran the camera through the line. The technician confirmed the problem still existed but was no worse or better than previously identified. The only option explained to me was to dig 9 feet down and replace the pipe. I agree to this solution. This was my next mistake. Normally I would delay any decision until I was able to get a second opinion/estimate. As I had previously worked with this company and technician, I trusted his opinion and informed them to proceed with the work. Upon the project being at the no going back stage, and also being informed by the technician the city would need to resolve the problem, another option came up in conversation. This option may have been quicker and much more reasonable in price. We will never know as the technician did not write up a cost on this solution. And of course, as reminded by the Drainworks Office it may not have worked. Again, we will never know. In the meantime, I contacted the city. They arrived the next day, sent a torpedo into the pipe and had the issue resolved in less than a minute. I contacted the Drainworks office to ask why this option had not been presented to me. The gentleman I spoke to had me on the defensive and attacked me throughout the whole conversation stating I was in full control of the situation and I got what I asked for. I have no problem in defending staff, but don’t tell me I have full control of the situation when I am not a drain expect and I do not know all the tools available to me. All options should have been explained to me. Going forward I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone looking for drain resolution to ensure you ask as many questions as needed and document all the answers and to ensure you have at least two estimates before deciding on your action. If the problem has to do with any lines connecting to the city lines, I would also recommend you contact the city first to find out which company the city uses for drain issues. I probably could have saved thousands of dollars if I had contacted the city first but that is only my situation. After having a very heated discussion with the Drainworks office personnel, any positive recommendations for this company took a drastic decline. All I can do at this point is share my experience and recommendations and let people decide for themselves.

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Company Response

Rick. It is unfortunate you feel this way.
We only ever do what is in the best interest of our customers.
It was explained to you when you called in that a jetting was not an option at your home based on the situation.
When we inspected your pipe, the camera stopped dead at a full blockage of mud, preventing us to see any further. We could not know what the state of the pipe was or if it was completely broken beyond the blockage, which is why the excavation you proceeded with was classified as investigational, to figure this out.
Without the services we provided, what the city did may not have even been an option, and please note that any city side issues will always be the responsibility of the city; the city cannot do work on the private side or recommend private contractors.
Not that it was possible, but if we had charged you for a jetting and it didn’t work, then we would have had to charge you on top of that for the excavation. Whereas the city can make as many unsuccessful attempts as they like to try and fix a city issue, as you’re not paying for it, but for us, on your dime, we suggest what is in the best interest for your home and your finances.
We whole heartedly stand behind the recommendations we provided to you and assure you that the right course of action was taken by us and was in your favor.
Should you like any further clarification or to go over these details again, please do not hesitate to call our office.