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service failure

I was a customer with Drainworks for decades, and I always found them to be both courteous and efficient. Until this summer, when old pipes leaked and caused damage on three floors of my house. Their guy came, looked, charged $300 and left without finding where the leak was. But worse, when my contractor, recommended by Drainworks, asked if the Drainworks plumber could give him a call to let him know what he found or didn't find, I requested that of Drainworks, and I called twice (the pipes still leaking) without getting a response. The next morning I called again, and the general manager got on the phone and YELLED at me. He said I had no right to ask their plumber to call the contractor, and he was nasty and interrupted me and did not let me say anything. I was shocked and upset. He wouldn't stop yelling so I told him I'd never call Drainworks again and hung up. I was shaking. I since wrote them, to give them a chance to mend the relationship, and got no response, which is why I'm writing this now. Even if I had been unreasonable, even if I had been the one yelling, which I wasn't, there's no excuse for treating your customer like that. Incidentally, the second plumber I called showed up and made the fix in one day. That company has my business now.

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Company Response

It is unfortunate you feel this way regarding our service, since it was us who immediately went to your property while you were on vacation to assess the issue. With our onsite visit we were able to advise you on a course of action, which was to have a general contractor out to open walls further to investigate. We called you while onsite, but unfortunately we could not get a hold of you, and had to leave the information, both verbally and written with the tenant you left in charge in your absence. You called us back after 9pm when our office was closed, but your call was returned first thing the following morning and a call was placed to the general contractor at the same time. You were both advised that there was no info the plumber could pass on, further wall opening was required to investigate and expose the source of the leak. The scope of wall opening required was not a service we offered. We understand that you were frustrated having an unknown leak at your property while being away on vacation, but even still, disregarding our recommendation and repeatedly demanded a course of action from us that would lead to no resolution, was just counterproductive. Not being able to do what you request is not anger or yelling, it’s just the facts. Again, sorry you feel this way, but there was no other way to move forward other than to hire a general contractor to go to your home as recommended.