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Kasandra Murdy from Surrey
Kasandra Murdy from Surrey
1 review Surrey, BC

Carpet Cleaning

I honestly thought COIT would of been a lot better than they were. I was pretty disappointed with their services. I called around and chose them not because they were the cheapest (because they were not) but because I figured I was familiar with them for a reason and they must be good.
I spoke with the office staff and told them I was looking for a deep clean on my stairs and a regular clean on the tip floor hallway. I had dog pee smell I wanted to eliminate as best as possible. I realize this isn't always possible especially if the urine has soaked into the plywood. I asked if the cleaner would be letting the product sit and work it's way in as I know a bit about carpet cleaning and I know that is one of the best ways to eliminate urine smell. You also have to agitate it to work the formula deep into the carpet and padding. I explained this was the cleaning I was looking for. She said it wasn't a problem, they could handle it and she had me booked in.

When the guy came, I showed him the areas of most concern and the rest of the area I wanted cleaned. He didn't wear booties just his dirty work boots from the rainy Saturday in Surrey. He tracked in more dirt even though I just mentioned I did freshly vacuum to ensure I provided him with the best opportunity to clean the carpets. As best as he could.

He spent no more than 5 minutes on the 15 stairs plus landing I was most concerned about. He was finished in about 20 mins from beginning to bring supplies to asking for payment.

I checked his work and expressed my dissatisfaction. The area had a strong strong smell still and I could still see some spots. He was trying to sell me on a type of "scotch guarding" but had trouble answering whether or not the scotch guarding would trap the smell in and prevent me from further attempts to clean out the urine smell. I agreed to the scotch guarding.

At this point he left to his truck and I went out front for a smoke. I came back in after 3-4 mins and he was standing in the front foyer waiting for payment. He said he complementary added a neutralizer.

I just paid him as I was frustrated at this point. I don't know if he did the scotch guarding but it sure didn't seem like it. The "neutralizer" stunk so bad and triggered a very bad headache. I called the office again to air my frustration and ask more about the neutralizer, basically this is just a perfume that will fade but not do anything to absorb and trap odors. It seriously stunk! I told the lady I wasn't happy with the service, I still saw many spots, my laminate floors were dirty from the technicians lack of care. She said she would follow up in a few days to see how things were looking and never did.

I do have to add in one positive for this company, they did come in very quickly, same day as I called to inquire for a price. They could probably handle a basic carpet cleaning without many stains or smells but as far as I could see that is all I would hire them for.

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Company Response

I would like to apologize to you for the service you have received to date. I would like to assure you that this is not the norm. I wanted to call you directly but am unable to find you in our system via a name search. I would welcome a call from you at your earliest convenience. We would like an opportunity to make this right with you.
Please feel free to contact me directly.
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