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Susann from Brampton from Brampton
Susann from Brampton from Brampton
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Bathtub reglazing

Bathtub King Refinishing
1576 Stone Church Rd E
L8W 3P9

On April 2, 2015 I had Bathtub King come in to my house to re-glaze my tub. At that time I advised them that the tile walls of the tub had been painted and I didn't want to have to redo them. I was advised that they would be careful and it shouldn't be a problem. (To be fair to Bathtub King, there were two little spots that I had to touch up but I definitely did not want to have to redo the all the walls.) When the tub was done there was paper and plastic taped all over my wallpaper, my bathroom wall tiles, my mirror, the toilet and basically everything in the bathroom. I was told it must stay overnight and that I would have to remove it the next day. I told the installer right then that this concerned me since I had used the same type of tape previously and it had taken off the paint when I had being painting and I didn't want to be responsible for any damage caused by the tape or anything else. The installer advised that this was really good tape and their procedure and it that was the way it had to be done and there would be no damage. Arguing with him didn't do any good.

The next morning I very carefully removed the tape and the paper and plastic. Not only did the tape take off the paint on my tile walls in a number of places there was paint missing where there was no tape. There was also tape residue on my wallpaper. I Bathtub King and the installer came back. When I pointed out the problem the first thing that came our of his mouth was "I'm not redoing your walls". He then said he would touch it up and when I returned to the room he had put blotches of his bright white paint all over the off while tiles. Now they looked like polka dots...just terrible. He said the tiles would have to be etched and redone at a cost of somewhere around $1500-$1900. I FELT COMPLETELY RIPPED OFF!!
After he left I looked over the tub again and the bottom of the tub was all rough and bumpy, there was caulking stuck to the bottom of the tub which I was afraid to scrap off. There was also caulking on the toilet and the floor.

I swore I would never have Bathtub King in my house again. I called another company who was recommended by a friend and they will reglaze the tub and the tiles for less than Bathtub King would have fixed the tiles.

I called the Bathtub King office a second time to ask for my money back and they have no managers or supervisors you can talk to there is only the receptionist to speak to. She advised me that I would not get my money back.

I would never use this company again and I would warn anyone who wants their tub re-glazed to call around and get another company or get a reference from a friend. I had used Bathtub King 14 many years ago and they did an excellent job so I felt comfortable calling them again. Either they are under new ownership/management now or their installers are not properly trained to do the job so DON'T USE BATHTUB KING.

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