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Damaged property

Armando Movers Ltd
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They damaged property and did not take responsibility. the owner turned into sherlock holmes over the phone and deduced theres no way their men scratched my wooden dining room table that wasnt even 2 weeks old. on top of that, they were late to the job, and charged up to the next hour, so it was more expensive than we anticipated. on top of THAT, theres an additional hour charged automatically for "transportation" what a money grab...

they stopped a few times to smoke also which just wasted time. i expected some young, fit adults, but they were all over 50, and worked so slowly.

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Company Response

Armando movers tried resolving this issue with the customer and it became apparent they were lying. You do not need to be "sherlock holmes" to see flaws in the story. A few facts, we charge to the half hour & travel time is common practice in the moving business. Also some of our men have been with us for 20+ years, we have been in business since 1975, so yes they are older which also means they are experienced. We have a good mix of young & older, experienced employees. I will post below the conversation between Armando Movers and this person. People can form their own opinion. Instead of removing the review, this person deleted account and HomeStars only does things for paying customers apparently. If you don't pay their fee, your on your own. I made HomeStars aware of the situation and was told there was nothing they could do. Thanks

AM-"Ok thanks, give me a day or two. I'd like to show men and hear what they say. So you heard a bang in truck? Do you know when roughly? Did you see anything? What was table wrapped in? Where was table located, main,upper? Thanks"

accuser:"Thank you. I heard a series of noises in the truck at various times.The table was wrapped in a table cloth, which was bound by industrial plastic cling wrapping. It was on the upper level on xxxx st, and brought in to the main level at xxxxxx Ave"

AM:"Hi Mr.Xxxxx, I discussed things with men this morning. They said that the table did not hit/fall anything or anywhere. They said it was covered by you in a thin bed sheet and that they covered it with our moving blankets and it was tied off to wall. I also asked if anything had fallen in truck and they all said no, and if there were any "loud noises" that it would have been from dollies or furniture being shifted around. I'd like to come by and take a look at table if possible, I'll bring the driver with me. He can tell you first hand how he loaded and tied table off to wall. Looking at the table from pictures you sent, my opinion is the damage was not from falling or hitting something. If that were the case the damage would be straight, the scratch/dent is crooked, not straight. Which leads me to believe it was scratched somehow but not by falling. Let me know if I can come by and take a look at it. Tomorrow would work, let me know if that's good with you. Thanks Amandio"

accuser:"Hey Amandio. The specific way that it happened is not important. Whether it fell, or something fell on it, or if something else slid along it (which I think is most likely) doesn't change the fact that there's a new mark on it. it's only 2 months old, and I wouldn't care if it had many other marks on it, but it doesn't.
It's not even a super fancy table. It's from ikea but it's important to us because it is brand new and has never been seen by guests yet. I don't think anything will change if you come to see it."

AM:"Hi Mr.Xxxxx, issue I'm having is my men are adamant that they didn't damage table. The fact that they do not pay for damages, I do, and that table was wrapped prior(my men couldn't see if damage was already there) and my men wrapped it additionally with our blankets makes me believe them. If it was my men that did the damage, I would take responsibility for it, but I am not in the practice of paying for damages that another company has done. My men are instructed to inspect furniture for damages before moving it, so the fact that it was covered makes me hesitant. Do you have receipt for it, showing it was purchased 2 months ago? Reason for coming to see it is so I can physically see it myself, and also the driver, who packed it can see it and tell me definitively whether it was him or not. Also by putting him on the spot might make him change his story. Again, if my men did the damage, I'd like to take care of it, but if it wasn't I definitely do not want responsibility put on us. Thanks Amandio"

accuser:"It was wrapped... I remember now... One of the men even slid it on the ground before picking it up, which peeled off the wrapping... They tried to hold the protector on it... and no one inspected anything before moving anything."

AM:"My men are instructed to point out any damage to customer before taking it to truck, if they did not, it's because they didn't see any. I'd like the opportunity to physically see the table if you don't mind. Also, do you have receipt showing table was purchased 2 months ago? Thanks"

That was last contact from this person, sad I have to go through all this because somebody wants a free kitchen table.