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AH SO EASY MOVING AND STORAGE packed my home on 18/01/2021 and delivered on 10/04/2021 (supposed to be 08/04/2021 but they had a last minute issue). they arrived over 3 hours late in january (hadn’t even scheduled guys to work for me that day) and it took 3 guys over 6 hours to pack the truck. imagine how angry everyone in my building was with me moving from 11:00 until after 18:00! ::::: i had to pay 15 hours of transit time (2 guys from vancouver to vancouver island) on top of the unpacking time. i was absolutely fascinated when i paid for 3 guys and over 6 hours of work each (18+ hours total) on the pack up … and 2 guys at a flat rate (they took 2 hours). 18 vs 4 hours!!! it was the exact same stuff! and the quick move had stairs. don’t waste your money with AH SO EASY MOVING AND STORAGE as you can get just about any other moving company for a better deal. ::::: AH SO EASY MOVING AND STORAGE accepted $600 from me for insurance of my belongings. they assured me that the insurance covered all damage and missing items. one guy carried things so stacked up that the pile was about a metre above his head. as expected, he dropped several items smashing them and rendering them useless. nothing that broke was fragile … a metal pot with an enormous dent in the side, large scrape on a cabinet, smashed dresser drawers etc. etc. AH SO EASY MOVING AND STORAGE did not treat me or my belongings with the respect they deserved. i felt that AH SO EASY MOVING AND STORAGE staff did not care about doing a good job. ::::: at wits end, after 4 months of trying to work with AH SO EASY MOVING AND STORAGE to close my insurance claim with them, i posted a truthful review with the Better Business Bureau. within 10 minutes of the review going live i received and email from AH SO EASY MOVING AND STORAGE’s insurer (valuation claims) saying: “Sorry your chain [sic] has been closed, please remove your negative review and we can reopen your clAim [sic]” so i took the review down and emailed them saying it was down and will they please resolve my claim within the next 2 days. that passed. ::::: when i posted my online review AH SO EASY MOVING AND STORAGE messaged me within 20 minutes declaring my claim file had been closed. if i removed my review they would open it again. seriously??? this isn’t even legal to do!!! ::::: so, because i wanted this resolved, i gave AH SO EASY MOVING AND STORAGE another chance and in the several weeks since … they wasted my time sending messages saying i would have my money within 7 days … almost every time taking an unrealistic and with non specific amounts. “Your claim has been approved for the $700 you have asked for minus the deductible” … yay! not so much … finally, it appeared that AH SO EASY MOVING AND STORAGE might honour my totally legitimate claim only to drop off the planet. ::::: ultimately, AH SO EASY MOVING AND STORAGE would only give me money if “You [sic] agree not to discuss our company in any way; Either written or verbal communication and will not file any future claim. You also agree none of your friends, associates or acquaintances will  do the same on your behalf. Any negative reviews you have already written will be removed. If this is not the case you agree to return the full amount and pay triple the settlement for any breach of this ndc.” again, this is not a legitimate threat. just fear mongering to keep my truth away from potential future customers. ::::: so … no pay = all the reviews i can find a place for to warn people that AH SO EASY MOVING AND STORAGE is an unscrupulous company. i highly DO NOT recommend using AH SO EASY MOVING AND STORAGE and know that AH SO EASY MOVING AND STORAGE has not honoured their legal agreement with me regarding their insurance ::::: these are my experiences with AH SO EASY MOVING AND STORAGE from january until september 2021. i wish you well in your future moving and storage needs and trust that you found this review of use.

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