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Andrew in Oakville
Andrew in Oakville
1 review Oakville, ON

A year later, and it's still not completed.

My wife and I chose Brock Windows after looking through numerous reviews, and checking out multiple companies.

It has become our biggest mistake in our home renovation.

Our window install has been going on for OVER A YEAR now. We ordered the windows in May 2018. We live in an old century home that we bought with the plan to change out all the windows and reside. We were assured by Brock that their company could manage the windows for this project.

How the install started (Beginning of last September, 4 months in) :
-the windows came later than expected
-the windows arrived without the correct grill patterns.
-one of the windows arrived with a piece broken
-over half the windows arrived with the wrong size jamb extensions
-windows did not close properly
-was assured by the install team that all these problems would be resolved quickly, and was convinced to hand over a cheque for the full payment. That would not be cashed until the deficiencies were completed. This was our mistake in trusting Brock.

Over the next few months, we contacted Brock about these problems several times. Sending them lists, pictures, emails and leaving voice messages. Eventually a team came out and completed some of the deficiencies. They left and Brock decided that the case was closed, cashing our cheque. At this time, we still had a window that didn’t project past our exterior wall, allowing rain to get in, a window with a broken exterior frame, and several windows that were missing their grills that we were convinced to pay for as an upgrade.

At this point, our Project Co-coordinator stopped getting back to us. We had to contact Brocks customer service department, late November. Customer service contacted our project coordinator and had them contact us.

An install team was then sent out to fix the undersized window jamb. We were informed that the missing grill patterns, and broken brick mold had to be ordered. At this point, four months after the deficiencies were noticed, Brock had not even ordered the replacement parts.

Months went by without any change. Eventually, another employee from Brock came by to verify that there were deficiencies, even though the install team had already reported the problems. They noticed the issues right away, and agreed with the issues.

In April, George, a service representative from North Start Windows came by and dropped off the replacement brick mold. We showed him the missing grills in the windows, and he informed us that the replacement windows had not even been ordered yet. This is eight months after the deficiencies had been reported. He said he’d have them ordered and be responsible for replacing them himself.

True to his word, North Star came and installed the missing grills on June 11th. He told us that he was still waiting for an install team from Brock windows to come out and install the brick mold.

As of today, June 19th, it is still not complete and after talking to a Brock windows representative today, they still have no date set to have this complete.

From our experience, Brock Windows and Doors is completely mismanaged. They have not lived up to our expectations, and I would not recommend them to anyone. These issues have pushed our renovation timeline months back, causing confusion and problems for us and other trades that were involved in the renovations. Brock’s management team has shown nothing but an absolute lack of professionalism and customer service.

Picture 1, list of deficiencies sent last september
Picture 2, broken brick mold
Pictures 3, 4, 5 windows came with wrong size jambs. Over 2 inches in variance making it impossible to complete the siding.

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Company Response

Hi Andrew & Ha,

We would like to extend an apology for the troubles you've encountered over the course of your projects timeline. Your feedback has been given to Upper Management for further assessment, and we hope to have anything outstanding amicably rectified.

In the event you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your Project Coordinator for assistance.

Brock Doors & Windows Ltd.