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Carleigh from Hamilton
Carleigh from Hamilton
4 reviews Oakville, ON


This is an honest review. Brock Windows installed 4 windows in our house June 16, 2015. Our process started off with having a few different window companies come in to price our entire house for windows, and price just the 4 upper windows (due to ¾ of those windows were leaking). We decided to only get the 4 windows done, because we needed a company in fast – as it was April – so of course rainy season. We decided to go with Brock after our meeting with them. When we signed with them, we told them we need these windows in immediately due to the water they saw coming in. We paid our deposit fee… and then waited. And waited. We received a letter about 2 weeks later, saying we’d have to wait 10 days until someone contacted us to book our appointment. Which I found weird. You think they’d book the appointment asap. Especially since we expressed how fast we needed these windows in, and the sales man had agreed (he was great by the way, the sales guy). Anyways, I called Brock and told them all this and whatever customer service rep was on the phone seemed annoyed and expressed that it takes a while to get an appointment (about 4 weeks). Needless to say, I managed to get her to make us an appointment for 3 weeks later, since it had already been 2-3 weeks since we gave over our deposit etc. 3 weeks go by and the night before the appointment (around 3pm) , the company calls us saying they’re going to have to cancel. That really annoyed me because we both work full time hours and had already taken work off to ensure someone was there for the appointment. The night before is not sufficient cancelling time. At this point, they made our appointment for 2 weeks later (so think about that, we waited almost 8 weeks since the time of signing to get our windows done – which is crazy especially when the sales man and us agreed we needed to get them in ASAP). Anyways they came yesterday, and the couple who did the windows was amazing – great installation, they laid down sheets to protect the floors, vacuumed after – and the windows look great. They were there from about 9-2, so not bad timing at all. We really appreciate the installation individuals, and the sales man who originally came to our house. We don’t appreciate the customer service involved, at all. When people are paying a good amount to get something fixed in their house, customer service should be on point. If a service is going to be that much alter than agreed on/expected, then discounts should have been provided, especially since we still need to have the other 9 windows in our house done. Thank you installers, and sales man! Customer Service reps/ Project Managers – please work on your interaction with customers, timing, and booking. Once again, I would recommend this company solely alone on the installers.

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Company Response

Hi Carleigh, our management team has looked into your project and we are sorry to hear that you're disappointed in the time it took to complete. Overall, we did kept every promise we made, including timing being that your entire project was completed in only 6 and a half weeks time. We completly understand that this was an urgent situation as many of our customers were experiencing leaking windows in the spring just as you were. Considering our products are custom made to order, 6 weeks is an excellent turn around time & is at the lowest end of our waiting period, especially at busy times of the year. We are also sorry to hear that your installation date was changed last minute. We make every effort possible to avoid ever having to change appointment dates, unfortunately it is sometimes out of our control. Thank you for acknowledging our staff & installers & we look forward to working with you again.