Clearview Plumbing & Heating Ltd

May 20, 2011, Calgary

  Clearview Plumbing & Heating Ltd
4805 32 ST SE

We had Clearview install 3 sinks we had previously purchased. It cost us $2,000 when it should have cost less than $1,000. They provided terrible service, inflated prices, poor craftmanship and a disappointing experience. Do not use Clearview.

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Company Response:
Hi there Patrick, I apologize for the service you feel you've received, however I do not apologize for our pricing - our prices are carefully crafted and adjusted quarterly. Just for our other Homestars Readers and Reviewers, I'd like to take an opportunity to provide the other side of the story - the one you rarely get to hear! Our pricing (which is based on our overhead and our overhead alone) was quoted up front to you and agreed to by you before the job was started. Unfortunately we do not price match based on phone quotes for jobs that are already done - it is the oldest trick in the book for competing plumbing companies to quote on jobs after they've been done and over the phone (and often for half the price it would actually cost) - there's no accountability! I only mention this to point out the source of your "less than $1,000" figure comes in, which is why we didn't factor it in to our price nor our resolution to your concern. You mentioned your displeasure in the fact that we do not "leave room for negotiations" - you're right, we do not - what we DO is quote UP FRONT, PRIOR to the work being performed, so that the homeowner can make an informed decision based on the exact price, as opposed to an hourly rate plumbers low-ball guesstimate. You're right - we are not the cheapest in town and will never aspire to be!! But nor are we the most expensive, believe it or not! We ensure we're within 10%-20% (higher and lower) than who WE consider to be our competition. Likewise, when we went back over (at no cost, as per our guarantee) to repair a callback (which ended up being a manufacturer defect in a part), you opted to go forward with two more shut off valves at that time - it was quoted when we were there the day before, you approved the price and work up front, and then once things were complete you had refused to pay (on the grounds of wanting to negotiate and barter) after the job was done. During our first visit, we provided a free year of planned service and a free shut off valve. After coming back to fix what you considered to be "poor service" on our part (although we did not craft the parts ourselves and it was to do with the product, not the installation) you agreed to a job and then refused to pay until it was discounted a further $345. All told, roughly $700.00 worth of products and services were compensated on this job in your favor, based solely on the negative experience you had with us. I truly do not know what more we're able to do, but we're open to suggestions. I was under the impression, after the immensely discounted service that we provided (remember, this is all work that you had requested AND approved up front) we had taken care of your concern. If there are further issues, by all means, give us a call in the office - we'd be happy to address them and finally bring this price concern to a resolution. Again, apologies about what you perceived as a lack of service, we do appreciate your comments!

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