Greenboro Homes Masterbuilder

Mar 19, 2011

Greenboro Homes Masterbuilder
10714 176 ST NW

We love the floor plan of our Greenboro home. This plan works for our busy, growing family. We were so excited that there was a builder that would build an affordable home that was going to meet all of our needs. But our excitement soon turned to frustration and disappointment as we came to see the quality of the workmanship and the level of professionalism of the people we were dealing with throughout the build. With large staff turnover, Trades which take no care, and worse yet often trash the work of the others. Passing the buck to blame everyone, past staff or the trades Everyone has an excuse for everything, nobody is looking for solutions. I don't care! I am tired of the excuses! I paid Greenboro for the house so Greenboro needs to get it together and get the quality that they promised me. Just make it RIGHT!!! Before you buy a new home do some research! I can't believe how much stress you can go through building a home with the wrong builder. When they say it is a turnkey home they should make sure it is. After living in our house for ½ a year it is still not done. I feel like I am living in renovations with no progress and having to be the general contractor when I paid Greenboro homes (Unity Builders Group) to do that. THIS IS NOT WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR!!!! ALL WE WANT IS GREENBORO HOMES TO SHOW SOME INTEGRITY AND HONOUR THEIR CONTRACT

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