Tiles Plus

Jan 24, 2011, Etobicoke

Tiles Plus
1911 Dundas St E
L4X 1M1

We worked with Lauren T at the Castlefield location to purchase our marble floor tiles, vanity and kitchen and vanity faucets. She was very easy to speak with and gave us competitive pricing on all our purchases (she even priced matched with another store for us). We picked up most items from their Mississauga location as it was closer to their final destination except for our vanity which we had delivered. The only negative feedback was that it took longer than expected to have our vanity delivered. Each time I asked, I was told it would arrive by the end of that week (or the next) but in the end, it took nearly a month to arrive at my house. Not sure if there really was a delay at the manufacturer (in Montreal) or if they honestly didn't know how long it would take to arrive.

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