Brock Doors and Windows

Mar 13, 2007, Toronto

  Brock Doors and Windows
2131 McCowan Road
2020 Clark Blvd.

An Excellant Company to deal with. Last fall we purchased 8 new wall to wall windows from Brock after getting several quotes from other businesses. Brock's service was fantastic! Starting with a knowledgable Sales person. No Hassels or Pressures to purchase and an excellent installation crew (neat, clean and professional). After installation service was also great! Even 6 months later when we thought we had a problem with one of our windows we received prompt and very professional service. I inadvertantly had not closed a window properly and called to say one of the windows was letting air in. A service tech was dispatched immediately and very professionaly explained what I had done incorrectly without making me feel like a total idiot by not embarrassing me. We are planning 8 more windows and two doors in the near future and will definitely be dealing with Brock again!

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