Asphalt Care - Driveway Sealing & Repairs

Dec 06, 2011, TORONTO

  Asphalt Care - Driveway Sealing & Repairs
416 410 6060
730 St.Clair. Ave W.

Once we called for a quotation, these people take it seriously, and called back quickly. They came on the exact appointed time, and are earnest in the job. With measuring tools ready on site before I came out to meet, and already swept off the leaves to examine the area to be repaired. The meeting was very efficient, and there is no nonsense. They talked straight about the details of the job, and this was not easy. The offer was also the best overall. And they took care to show us what they did to the neighbors. They always give 5 year guarantee including labor and material. And on the day of the job they came exactly on time, and did the job efficient. I like how they talk without nonsense. And used extra asphalt to patch up the area not included in the agreement before they left. The experience was great. They do care about the job quality and feedback. I had met many contractor, and appreciated the experience with them.

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