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My Legal Briefcase

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My Legal Briefcase – A New Service Contractors and Customers can use to meet their everyday legal needs. In the home renovations and improvement industry, there are many times when homeowners and home improvement service providers face legal issues. Contracts need to be signed, disputes need to be resolved, and legal questions need to be answered. Hiring a lawyer to solve these issues is not always affordable. The cost of legal services can greatly outweigh the benefit that they provide. That is why many contractors and clients choose to forgo hiring lawyers to solve their issues on their own. Navigating the legal system and learning how it works all by yourself, however, can be overwhelming. That is why services like My Legal Briefcase can be highly beneficial.

My Legal Briefcase provides an online portal for legal services, where users can access legal documents and prepare business contracts, wills and other legal forms. Users can also access an innovative Small Claims Court solution to get help preparing your case, including providing appropriate documents and electronic reminders of things to do. And if there are questions which need to be readily answered, ask us or search our database of questions for a quick answer.

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Canadian Association of Renovators And Home Services)


CARAHS (Canadian Association of Renovators And Home Services) delivers education, training and benefits to those self-employed in the home renovation and home services industry.

CARAHS is a non profit organization founded in 2005 to help renovators, contractors and home service companies by providing them an inexpensive way of keeping up to date on their requirements through its:

  1. Members Benefits Program: Health and Dental Plans, Liability Insurance, Personal Accident Cover, Accounting Services, Marketing Services
  2. Workshops ranging from:
    • WSIB
    • Fall Protection Awareness or WHMIS
    • Apprenticeship programs
    • Marketing and Sales
    • Social Media and more
  3. Network at our monthly workshops, breakfast meetings and other events.

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