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Condo painting

I have used Apex Painting for various projects over the last seven years and have always been more than satisfied with the quality of the work, their ability to stick to the promised timelines and the pricing. Jason and his crew are always polite ...

Jeff from Oakville 1 May 19, 2013

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Progreen Irrigation - Newmarket

Hired Progreen in the fall. We got several quotes and they weren't the cheapest so we paid the premium expecting better than we got. The installation crew left the backyard a complete mess that required a lot of work re-sodding, new grass seed t...

DA Sinclair in Concord 2 Jul 23, 2012


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Black Forest Woodworking

Winning Category: Fireplace Mantels

I found Black Forest Woodwork on Home Star web site. I needed few things to do but was not sure on design. Steven helped me with suggestions offering different options with different pricing. Wo...

MS from Etobicoke 2

Feb 04, 2014

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Best of '13 Toronto

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testimonial video
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