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Built in cabinets for entertainment unit

Since our 12 month old son Benjamin has become very mobile now, we needed a built in cabinet created for our 45" tv that would also suffice for storage including some toys. In 2008, we found a great photo in House and Home of a built-in cabinet a...

Mary in T.O. 7 Apr 20, 2010

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Customer Service

Last year I purchased two very expensive dining arm chairs from Elizabeth Interiors. I was pleased with the style and was expecting a high quality chair considering the cost. Approximately 2 weeks ago one chair was accidently tipped over and the...

Silvana Sovran in Etobicoke 3 Jul 30, 2012


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The Mold Guy, Mold Detection & Removal

Winning Category: Mold Detection & Removal

Lucas and his team were wonderful. They were professional and friendly, immediately felt comfortable with the team. They worked fast to get the job done, they left no mess behind it was as if they ...

Sandy Bobnar from Mississauga 1

Apr 20, 2014

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