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animal control

Troy and ryan came to my house for a inspection and found that raccoons were getting in my roof, and set up a one way out for them, lucky me the raccoons came out that night and my family can now get some sleep!! We will definitely recommend them...

craig in whitby 1 Feb 05, 2010

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Flat Roof

They did our roof - it leaks and caused $3500 damage in our home - when called, I was asked that my husband deal with the issue as they do not like to deal with 'housewives'. Also crass and insulting on the phone and told us to take him to court ...

Unhappy with leaky roof! 1 May 14, 2009


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EkoCouture Custom Drapes

Winning Category: Drapery & Curtains

This is the second time that I chose Ekocouture to install sheers and blackout drapes for my penthouse that faces east, south and west. Irene had a great selection of fabrics and provided me with f...

Robin from Toronto 2

Apr 15, 2014

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Best of '13 Toronto

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