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Fireplace renovation

We recently had to remove a gas insert, insulate the chimney, put in a new fireplace and re-stone the entire wall. WallaceFleming was exceptional, handling all aspects of the project and working around our schedules with the kids. We couldn't be...

Doug in Oakridge 3 Apr 09, 2011

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Electrical service disapointment

Although recommended to me by someone, I found the service to be dissatisfactory. I got a quote to both install a new electrical service and a verbal quote to wire the house and after the install of the new electrical service he came back asking f...

Merle Rayner from Calgary 3 May 21, 2013


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Dave Marcotte Foundations

Winning Category: Foundations

I had a small crack in my garage wall that connected to my neighbours home, I need it to be checked and repaired ASAP. Dave provide me great advise on how I should deal with this problem, he recomm...

Gerard Minto from Cumberland 1

Apr 02, 2014

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