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Patio Doors with Inner Blinds

Ambia is a great company to deal with , they came quickly to give an estimate and take measurements and also installed the doors a day earlier than scheduled. The patio doors look AMAZING!!! Thanks Mike , Tony , and Omar and his sidekick who insta...

N. in Vaughan 9 May 19, 2013

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Large Retaining Walls (Armour Rocks)

We contracted Gardens of Distinction based on their design, price and a recommendation from a friend. They deliver exactly what we wanted. The work involved a complete re-grading of the backyard with retaining walls (armour rocks and timber wall)a...

Rene Abel in Mississauga 2 Oct 05, 2011


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rapid pest control

Winning Category: Pest & Animal Control

Rapid Pest control is service with a heart. Imran not only is there to help you get rid of all your pest problems, he is caring understanding and very knowledgable. He takes care of all your pest p...

Nancy from London 1

Nov 20, 2013

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Best of '13 South Western Ontario

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