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Kitchen Renovation

Had our kitched renovated and Peter did an amazing job. Great design, with attention to detail and exceptional workmanship,lead to a beautiful finish that we love. Our kitchen is now eye catching with it's clean modern look. He created a perf...

Linda fr Mississauga 1 Nov 23, 2010

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Roofing, Siding, Window

Three years ago I contracted Blue Door Remodeling & Construction to do a major exterior revovation of the upper level of our house: roofing, install siding and replace one old window with thermal. The house is a typical East York late 30's two st...

Tom in East York 5 Mar 29, 2009


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NewRidge Refinishing Group

Winning Category: Floor Laying & Refinishing

I needed to remove the carpet from my basement (approximately 1000 sq.ft.) due to due to allergies. Sebastien and his team removed the carpet and under padding, removed the old baseboards and dispo...

Wayne from Pickering 1

Apr 17, 2014

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Best of '13 Hamilton

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