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cast fireplace mantel

My husband and I hired Foxcraft who custom made a GORGEOUS full fireplace surround and we couldn't be happier! The guys who came to install it were excellent and professional! So was both Geoff and his wife. We were also very impressed as to how...

Tracy in Port coquitlam 1 Aug 21, 2012

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Antique clock repair

DO NOT USE THIS MAN! I took the clock in to have the glass replaced and the mechanism serviced. He painted my clock without asking! This ruined the original patina on the clock -- which is dated the mid-1800's. When I got the clock back, he had p...

JShardalow in Toronto 3 Jul 29, 2011


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Winning Category: Insulation

My home is older and the insulation in my attic was suffering. I contacted Insta Insulation and had a rep visit me before I knew it. Everything was explained to me; the appointments were schedu...

Pattie Toni from Hamilton 1

Apr 23, 2014

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Best of '13 South Western Ontario

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